What is Pornography? Why Pornography Should be Banned?

What is Pornography?

Pornography is the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement and the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense sexual reaction.

Debates over Pornography

In the 60s and 70s, debates over pornography mirrored the counter-cultures clash with conservative values. In this classic Liberal vs Conservative encounter, the Liberal argues that there already exist laws to protect people from violence and children from exploitation and that the government has no business getting in the way of people’s freedom of expression in a democracy. Moral beliefs about sex should not be used to censor individual tastes whereas Conservative demands it should be banned.

Why pornography should be banned?

There are billions of people ((children, teenagers, youth, and Old) who are connected from the virtual and elusive world of the internet. Porn contains that contents which are more artificial than real. It gives a very false image of a natural process.

Porn has long-lasting fanciful effects which directly and indirectly are responsible for instigating men to dishonor women. Also, the brutality involved in many rape cases takes its birth, from these porn many incidents and archaeological sites like contents in a very open manner.

But these archaeological sites stand testimony to the kind of culture, we propagate and perpetuate. When it comes to morality, it can be felt that Indian morality gets qualified by uncertainty.

The link between pornography and crime moves the issue from a personal concern with moral conduct to a legal concern with civil protection, Robin Morgan’s (an American poet, author, political theorist, and radical activist) phrase, pornography, is the theory, rape is the practice, even without practice, theory can productions of pornography and violence against woman.

The adult industry has the most devastating impact on women. What porn does is present women as a commodity for consumption sparging the humanity attached to women?

Women trafficking, sex slavery, violence against women. pes and brutal murders thus become a natural outcome. The impact is not limited to women only. Youth who are its consumer base waste the energy in unproductive work.

The impact on their morale and ethical fibers is beyond reconstruction. Love gets replaced by lust, care with cruelty, and humanity with bestiality.

What proponents of individual humanity right forget is the women in porn are mothers or daughters of somebody. If they disregard and disrespect other women, how can they demand respect for their own women?

Hence, the security of the entire society would be in peril. Moreover, any individual right can’t be above societal rights. Even our own fundamental rights are restricted by decency and morality clauses. Simultaneously our fundamental duties demand from us to respect women and renounce practice derogatory to the dignity of women.

Flesh trade derogatory is one of the oldest yet most disparaging businesses which are bereft of even the minutest streak of humanity. The adult industry has not only glamorized this business but also increased its reach to every nook and corner of society.

Four south Indian states Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu account for almost 60 % of the pornography cases booked in the country in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Kerala tops the table with 386 Cases, while Maharashtra comes in second with 199 cases in the three year period, according to information accessed from the ministry of home affairs.

Kerala, the most literate state in the country, has a huge load or others in the country when it comes to uploading obscene stories and photos on the internet, as per data from the police. In the year 2012, nearly 25 percent of cases registered for uploading pornographic materials were from Kerala.

As many 589 cases were registered in India for uploading videos and images, last year. The highest numbers of cases are registered against children are for misusing social networking sites.

Several people use it for taking revenge or breaking up marriages. The much-promoted computer literacy is now backfiring with a large number of people including school children getting involved in cybercrimes. If we look at the school students mainly in metropolitan areas, the majority of them would be carrying the most advanced mobile phones having internet facilities.

The parents and teachers should take more responsibility. Parents should not buy mobile phones for minor children. Besides, teachers should take action against the school students who bring mobile phones to school.

The catastrophic materials on the internet distort the fragile mind-brain of children and teenagers. It must be controlled, Though banning porn is an infringement of an individual’s privacy, but if we look at the greater good of society, it surely is a better choice than letting porn continues.

Hence, in the interest of women, society, and for the evolution of a common culture for the nation, porn must be banned.

In this regarding the government of India has given the list of 857 websites it considers pornographic to internet service providers (ISPs) and has banned access to them at least.

This came after the Supreme Court refused to order a ban on pornographic websites saying such an order would impinge freedom.

Before this, Supreme Court has told that little had been done to prevent child pornography, which
is illegal, from being accessed on the web. It is remarkable that even educated and gentle people also see these pornographic websites and they do not become lustful or rapist generally but the effect of their cultural structures plays a pivotal role in the influence of pornography.

It is notable that Supreme Court has expressed serious concern in this regard and told that this problem is related to each class of our society while hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by a lawyer seeking a curb on pornographic sites on the internet, particularly those showing child

Why pornography should not be banned?

Last month, while hearing a petition to ban all pornographic sites, chief justice of Supreme Court H.L. Dattu had said, ” Such interim orders cannot be passed by this court. Somebody can come to the court and say ‘Look, I am an adult and how can you stop me from watching it within the four walls of my room?

it is a violation of Article 21 (right to personal liberty) of the Constitution. Yes, the issue is serious and some steps need to be taken.

The Centre has to take a stand, let us see what stand the Centre will take.” However, the Centre looks determined to ban porn based on its factually wrong views. But given the information of age, can porn be banned?

While whether porn can entirely be banned or not is a debate for another day, India definitely needs porn to stay.

Source of curiosity

Discussing sex in India is taboo. Even the mere mention of the word raises many eyebrows, Parents, who ideally, should have sensitive conversations with their children over sex, hardly engage.

Therefore, in such a conservative cultural scenario, porn serves as a source of information for teenagers about sex and its various intricacies. Satisfying teenagers’ curiosity about sex is important and therefore providing sex education is critical.

But the Indian government is opposed even to sex education, as was made clear last year by Union minister Harshvardhan.

Banning porn doesn’t reduce crime

In 2013, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court seeking a ban on porn, citing it as a major cause for crimes against women, which is believed to be the reasoning behind banning porn by the government.

However, there is ample evidence that banning porn doesn’t lower crime rates. Arundhati Ghosh, a woman activist said, ” The more repressed society is, the more the acts of sexual violence.

If you see examples of Congo, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India– these are places (where sexuality is rotted out in the open and acts of sexual violence are high”.

Furthermore, research studies in the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Japan established that with the increasing availability of pornography there was a significant decrease in the number of sex offenses.

India lifted a ban on internet pornography after criticism

The Indian government directed internet services providers to restore access to those among 857 banned porn and humor websites that did not feature child pornographic contents.

The effort to completely ban pornography is impossible because in the world of the internet everything is connected to everywhere. We can immediately reach from India to Europe as well as Europe to India within seconds.

The Internet has broken the myth of geographical distance Pornography has made its special position across cosmopolitan life to remote areas of villages, In an early age where the innocence of children is missing, erotic concocted clips are taking the psychology of young people to the verge of insanity.

This point is really very remarkable that our children, teenagers, youth, even uneducated peoples are also involved in the lattice of pornography, Harvard Research says that rape proneness among men is proximately caused not by lattice variation, but by developmental events involving learning.

Their analyses indicate that rape prone man comes from harsh developmental backgrounds involving impersonal and short term social relationships, and backgrounds in which manipulation, coercion, and violence are valid ways of conducting social relationships.

In Britain, where pornography is already more restricted than it is anywhere else in the English-speaking world or in Western Europe, sexual media is easily smeared for an audience that is seldom given an opportunity to see what really is sold under the name of pornography.

The UK is still the only Member State of the European Union that prohibits the private import of adult pornography by consumers coming from the other Member States of the European Union Christians may find pornographic materials morally and socially offensive, but not all pornography is legally prohibited in America.

Pornography in the United States of America has existed since the country’s origins. Individuals, groups, and companies advocating for the public availability of pornographic materials primarily cite the First Amendment’s freedom of expression clauses.


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