10 Lines on Teachers Day Essay in English [For kids only]

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Education is the most important thing to be successful in life. Teachers play the most important role in shaping and shaping the future of the country and the lives of the youth. Gurus have been a big contribution to our lives since ancient times. We can reach the pinnacle of success only with the knowledge and guidance received from the Gurus. Teacher’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country.

10 Lines on Teachers Day

1) More than 100 countries around the world celebrate Teacher’s Day on their fixed date.

2) Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5th September 1962 in honor of teachers.

3) This day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

4) He received Bharat Ratna in 1954 for his contribution as a great teacher.

5) He was the first Vice President and second President of India.

6) Teacher plays an important role in everyone’s life.

7) The teacher shows a student the way to decide the right direction of his life.

8) On this day students give gifts to their gurus in honor of them.

9) Students in schools, colleges organize programs for teachers together.

10) This ceremony is a symbol of the dedication and achievements of the teachers.

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Ten Lines on Teacher’s Day

10 lines on Teachers Day in English

1) The thoughts of his teacher and gurus also have an impact on the life of every student.

2) It is very important for a person to be educated to be successful in life.

3) The one who gives us education is called our teacher or guru.

4) On Teachers’ Day, we honor the teachers by giving them a day’s rest from their work.

5) Students eagerly wait for Teacher’s Day in schools and colleges.

6) The preparation for organizing the event is started by the students in advance.

7) Students give gifts to the teachers and enjoy this day by doing programs for the entertainment of the teacher and himself.

8) Students give some speeches in honor of their teachers and teachers also address the students.

9) According to the Hindu calendar, people worship their gurus on the date of Guru Purnima between June and July.

10) “World Teachers Day” is celebrated on 5 October every year since 1994, following the recommendation of UNESCO.

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