What is Artificial intelligence | Definition, Types and Uses

If you are on Facebook, then you must have noticed that Facebook automatically suggests the names of such people with whom you can make friends.

The special thing is that you have some kind of association with these suggested persons. Similarly, you must have noticed that as you search for a word on Google, as soon as you enter two or three letters of a word, you start to see many words starting from these letters automatically. Now even a driverless car has come on the roads.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? What is the process behind this? Actually, all this is possible with a special technique of ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

What is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work and what are its uses? Let’s know about all this.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence means artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, is an intellectual capability developed in an artificial way. Artificial intelligence is made up of two words, in which the word artificial means an object that is not natural, that is, created by humans. Likewise, the word intelligence means intelligence to think, understand, and learn.

Artificial intelligence began in the 1950s. Actually, it was first mentioned in 1956 by Johan McCarthy, he was an American computer scientist. But since the development of computers, the use of artificial intelligence has increased considerably.

It is now continuously being tried to make such machines in different fields that are capable of thinking, understanding, and making decisions just like human beings and they can make our work even easier due to their intelligence.

Artificial intelligence acts as a computer simulation in which artificial intelligence is inserted inside machines to make them think and act like humans.

These mainly consist of a computer system in which programming is done as per requirement and instructions are filled. Actually, this computer system consists of three main processes – the first process is learning in which data of different kinds of information are put in the minds of machines and some rules of doing and not being put.

Its second process is Reasoning, in which machines are given the necessary logical instructions so that the machines follow the rules and guidelines made and move towards the final result. The results usually obtained at this stage can be considered as possible outcomes. Also, machines in the third process review this possible outcome and make necessary corrections.

In this way, the machines themselves go through these three stages, think, understand, make decisions, and then perform the tasks themselves for which they are designed. This means that machines equipped with Artificial Intelligence have all the characteristics of the human mind, due to which they can do well.

Actually, Artificial Intelligence is such a technique that we can keep the repository of knowledge in such a systematic way that it can be used for reading, understanding, and other tasks with great efficiency whenever you want.

Based on the research work that can be done in the field of Artificial Intelligence at present, it can be inferred that many of the future work done by humans will be done by machines. This is definitely a good thing to increase work efficiency, but relying on machines and artificial intelligence in such a way will be beneficial for mankind.

Types of Artificial Intelligence –

Artificial intelligence can be broadly divided into two types – weak artificial intelligence and powerful artificial intelligence. Those devices based on artificial intelligence, which are designed to perform only one or two specific tasks, fall under the category of weak artificial intelligence. But the tips in which human intelligence is usually injected are called powerful artificial intelligence. They can also do difficult tasks easily.

In addition to the above, keeping in view the time ahead, Assistant Professor Arend Hintz, working at the University of Michigan, has given Artificial Intelligence four categories
Is divided into – these are reactive machines, limited memory, artificial intelligence-based on brain theory, and working based on self-awareness. Of these, the last two categories of artificial intelligence do not exist yet. In conclusion, we can say that artificial intelligence can be of the following four levels:-

  1.  Able to think like a human.
  2.  Able to behave like a human being.
  3. With logic and ideas.
  4. Able to give feedback on logic and ideas.

But it still remains a puzzle whether machines can think, understand, and react like humans?

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

It has always been our endeavor to keep us supportive in all our work. They not only increase work efficiency but also as a human option. Machines with Artificial Intelligence are being used in many ways in our lives and there are possibilities of its utmost use in the future. Some of their major uses can be as follows:- 

In the field of education

Artificial intelligence is being used extensively in the field of education. Tutor and on-line learning system with artificial intelligence are understanding the needs and needs of the child and providing educational material to them accordingly. This not only gives them solutions to their problems but also increases their interest in studies. The evaluation system based on Artificial Intelligence can check the weaknesses of the students and accordingly they are provided with the facility of study.

In the field of health

Artificial intelligence is also being used extensively in the field of health. Artificial intelligence is being used in hospitals to provide better treatment at a lower cost. Robots with artificial intelligence can perform many complex operations, curing patients and keeping records of their treatment.

In the field of sports

You may have heard that in May 1997, Deep Blue, an IBM computer, defeated the world’s famous chess player Gary Kasparov. Similarly, Google’s AlphaGo defeated man in a computer board game ‘Go’. Simulation games have been designed for practice in many fields in which on one side there are human players and on the other side there are machines with artificial intelligence.

In the field of business

Analyze data of potential customers with the help of artificial intelligence Companies assess the interest, likes, and dislikes of the customers and accordingly they design their products and reach out to the customers.
Prepares strategy. Actually, an unprecedented revolution can come due to Artificial Intelligence in the field of business.

Use in industry

Artificial intelligence also has great potential in the industry. Whether it is about automated vehicles or robots working in different manufacturing sectors, the use of artificial intelligence is increasing in all. Artificial intelligence is being used from machine learning to automation and various pattern recognition.

Apart from the above, artificial intelligence is being used in many other fields, such as entertainment equipment, computer-based games, in large establishments like hospitals and banks. But it has to be noted that it is used for good and not for wrong actions. In this way, we see that Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is spreading its wings in almost every field. In many ways it is a good thing that human beings have got the technology to work, work capacity is increasing but at the same time, the increasing dependence on it remains a matter of concern for us. Thinking of the day, the mind is worried about what will happen to humans when machines start thinking on their own like humans? On the one hand, while the future of artificial intelligence is golden, on the other hand, there are many apprehensions of worry!


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