The story of Adam and Eve – Original sin and expulsion from paradise

The story of Adam and Eve that explains why they were cast from original sin and heaven. Adam the first man on earth Adam and Eve  are the first people created by God on earth. The name Adam means man, son of the earth. The name Adam is often identified with the word man. The expression “sons of … Read more

Spiritual awakening – Symptoms and Stages of Spiritual awakening

Being spiritual person, I will tell you about Spiritual Awakening and give you complete information about Spiritual Awakening Symptom. You may have heard about spiritual awakening or about people who are spiritually awakening. In fact, mystical teachings throughout history mention an emotional and inner evolution that serves to understand the forces of the universe and … Read more

Spiritual stories – Spiritual short stories

Spiritual stories – Spiritual short stories. Uplifting spiritual stories. Real spiritual stories. Spiritual stories of hope. Short story on spirituality. Famous spiritual stories. Spiritual stories about peace. Spiritual stories about god My life under construction There are numerous times that we ask ourselves the following questions: what will happen to my future? What will be … Read more