Christian Christmas Poems – a collection of the best Christmas poems

It’s time to prepare children’s Christmas parties – with the help of our selection, you can choose a suitable poem about Christmas and learn it with your child.

Short poems for Christmas for children

On this day we are talking about the birth of Christ.

On this day Our children’s lips cannot be silent .

And hearts want to praise, Not ceasing for a moment.

Praise God with us!

Don’t be silent – He is great.



I can’t read yet

And I can count a little

But I know that the holiday has come – the birthday of Jesus Christ!

I heard that Christ brought happiness and joy to people.

It’s good that He came to everyone,

And that there is Christmas – good!


I really look forward to Christmas – This is a fabulous holiday.

And I meet him in front of the colorful Christmas tree!

I congratulate the whole family on a good holiday.

I love them very much and appreciate them too!

Let this bright holiday bring health

And let the mischievous snow-prankster sweep away like a blizzard


Beautiful and touching poems for Christmas

In a manger sleeping on fresh hay

Quiet tiny Christ.

The moon, having emerged from the shadows,

Stroked the flax of his hair…

The bull breathed into the baby’s face

And, rustling straw,

On the elastic knee Stared, barely breathing.

Sparrows rushed through the poles of the roof

To the manger in a crowd,

And the bull, clinging to the niche,

Crumpled the blanket with his lip.

The dog, sneaking up to the warm leg,

Licked it secretly.

It was most comfortable for a cat

In a manger to warm a child sideways …

A subdued white goat

Breathed on his forehead,

Only a stupid gray donkey Helplessly pushed everyone:

“Look at the child

At least a minute and me!”

And he cried loudly In the predawn silence…

And Christ, opening his eyes,

Suddenly parted the circle of animals

And with a smile full of affection,

Whispered: “Look quickly! ..


Joy, joy without end!

Evening chimes are heard,

Good news is given to us

From the heavenly Creator.

The bells are heavy,

But their ringing is light, bright,

It is heard in the whole world,

From it the soul is bright.

With mom, dad we will sing Christmas carols,

On this wonderful winter evening

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

The Christmas tree sparkles with gold,

In bright sparkles and lights.

Because of the branches,

I know that the Angel is looking at me!

The birds are fed wheat, Joy, laughter and vanity.

Everyone sings and rejoices

In anticipation of Christ.

Having embodied in earthly life ,

he brought happiness to people.

Everyone shines, everyone rejoices:

Today Christ is born!


Congratulations in verse on the bright holiday of Christmas

Christmas Poems


Here is Christmas again –

the triumph of heavenly forces:

On this day

Christ came to save our world from evil.

Glory to Him, the conqueror of darkness.

Congratulations with all my heart On this great joy.


Congratulations with grace

On the bright holiday of Christmas.

On this night, we all, like children,

We expect magic from the sky.

Expectations as a reward

The Star of Bethlehem will show the

Way to salvation

And will always help us.


I’ll tell you a big secret –

There is no end to fairy tales in our life.

And if Christmas comes,

It gives us a triumph of fairy tales!

For them, you open the door in your heart,

Go towards happiness and love,

Light Christmas candles

And modestly invite joy to visit!


On the Holy

Night of the Nativity of Christ

In your soul you prepare a manger for the Baby,

And invite the Innocent

Child to live forever in your heart…

Only the best of all on Christmas Day

should be wished to those close to you!

I want to tell you –

Let happiness live with you

Every hour and every year,

And success in everything

Wait on your way!

Best poems of famous poets about Christmas

Snow falls white-white on hillocks and houses;

the old Russian winter dressed with a spark-hoarfrost .

The immobility of the blue river …

And nothing is needed –

Christmas is lurking on the painted porch .

The cradle will shake and drive the clouds away …

That Christmas night will debunk all doubts .

O. Guzova


On the waves of the blue ether

A star was born in the East –

A marvelous torch for the salvation of the world,

Never shining before.

Above the wretched shepherd’s cave She sparkled for the first time –

Reflection of the southern God,

Who awakened the earth from sleep.

Throwing off the fetters from the old world,

Heralding Christ the Nativity,

She penetrated the harsh darkness,

So that the triumph of love shone.

So that the sun of Christ ‘s teaching

Warms, invigorates the heart,

Softens torment with brute force,

So that blood does not flow endlessly.

So that the greedy flock of ravens

Do not torment the hearts and bodies …

And in the mansions and in the huts the holy

Radiant truth bloomed!

P. Bykov


The night is quiet.

In the firmament of the unsteady Southern stars tremble.

Mother’s eyes with a smile Look into the quiet manger.

No ears, no superfluous eyes, –

The roosters crowed –

And behind the angels in the highest

Shepherds praise God.

The manger quietly shines in the eyes,

Illuminated Mary’s face.

A star choir to another choir

With a quivering hearing,

And above It burns high

That star of distant lands:

With it the kings of the

East carry Gold, myrrh and incense.

A. Fet



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