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List of 500+ Essay in English Writing Topics and Ideas

The word- Essay means an effort or attempt to write on various topics including persons, places, animals, objects, scenes, or some incident. Generally, it means to convey one’s ideas on a particular topic in simple, clear prose. The length of an essay depends on the topic.
While writing an essay, the following points should be kept in mind.
1. Use simple, soft, and smooth language.
2. As far as possible avoid lengthy sentences.
3. Write what is relevant to the topic.
4. Avoid repetitions.
5. Divide the essay into paragraphs.
6. Introduce and conclude the topic in an emphatic manner.

Here are given a few examples of essays;


Discipline, as its name implies, is special training of the mind and character, aimed at producing the feeling of self-control and obedience.

It is a set of rules for conduct and taken as the synonym of strictness, boundation, and control over somebody or something but it is not true.

Discipline is, really, a rewarding quality. It always helps us to achieve our goals and saves us from evil impulses that can spoil our future and careers. Thinking about it, we should be disciplined.

We can become so only if our life at home, school, office, and social life is made worthwhile. It should be cleared that discipline is not an enemy of joy and happiness of a balanced and creative life.

It is the bliss and essence of our life. So, be disciplined to be virtuous.

Work is Worship

We worship God for all that He has blessed us with. We seek his blessings. It is a way to thank Him for what he has done for us and is expected to do for us.

We worship great men and noble souls who did a lot to make this world worth living. The best way to worship them is to follow in their footsteps. Mere words and idle worship lead us nowhere.

We must put in hard work. This is the best form of worship. Praying to God and doing nothing is not real worship.

We should work honestly and with a will. Our best homage to our great leaders is to work hard. Our success in life depends on the work we put in. Hard work will bear fruit and change this world into a paradise.

Morning Walk

Morning walk is the best form of exercise that keeps our body fit and active. It costs nothing. It is very useful for our health. Those who live in towns and cities must take a morning walk to get fresh air and energy.

Morning walk is of great advantages to us. It makes us healthy and strong. It refreshes our minds. It strengthens our bodies. It saves us
from many diseases. It improves our digestion. We feel a good appetite after a long walk. It is equally good for the young and the old. It keeps us fresh for the whole day.

It develops in us the habit of rising early. It awakens in our love for nature. So it keeps us fresh, healthy, and energetic.

An Accident

A few days ago, I happened to see a serious motor-car accident in my town walking along a crowded road, I saw a motor-coming from the east at a terrific speed.

A bus was coming from the opposite direction. The motor-car dashed against the bus. Its bonnet and engine were damaged. The drive of the car killed at once.

One man was bleeding profusely. He was taken to a hospital at once. Lots of people gathered at the place, but they could not catch the driver of the bus. He had slipped away without being seen.

An Ideal Teacher ( Essay in English )

An ideal teacher is a nation-builder in the real sense. He can make his nation great and strong. He shapes his students into good and useful citizens. He works for no reward.

The satisfaction that he gets from his job is the highest reward for him. He does not hanker after money. He works with a missionary spirit. He is the pride of the whole society.

He is held in high esteem. He is respected for his noble qualities. He has all the qualities of head and heart. He is a source of inspiration for his students. He treats his students as his own children. He serves as a true guide for his students.

Your Favorite Teacher

Mrs. Sunita Sanaka is an ideal teacher in my school. She is a learned woman. She is an English teacher, but she teaches other subjects like Math and Science as efficiently as she does in English.

She is an expert in the art of teaching. She is very kind and generous. She loves her students very much. She is very regular and punctual. Her lesson is very interesting.

The students listen to her silently. She is very young. smart and fair. She never beats or scolds any student. She tries to teach them with utmost love and homely affection.

It is a pleasure to attend her classes. Although she is very loving and affectionate she is a very strict disciplinarian. She cannot allow anyone to take undue advantage of her kind nature.

She never gets angry while doing her lesson. She commands much love and respect from her students. Her mother tongue is Telugu. But she speaks Hindi sweetly.

All the students of Gurunanak High School, Sakchi Jamshedpur, pay her red carpet welcome when she enters into her class.

Your Favourite Game

Football is my favorite game. It is very popular even in the villages of India. It is very cheap game. It is played in an open field. It is played between two teams.

There are eleven players on each side. Each side consists of one goalkeeper, two full-backs, three half-backs, and five forwards. The players have to obey certain rules.

The referee is the Chief Judge to decide everything. I like this game because it does not take much time. Our limbs are properly exercised. improves our health.

It is both interesting and useful. It teaches us disciplined. It fills us with joy. I like this game because it is not fatal.

The Book I like Most

Books are the treasure of knowledge. I have read many books but I like Bhagwad Gita most. It is a part of the Mahabharat. Lord Krishna through this Bhagwat Gita preached Arjuna.

Arjuna did not like to fight on the battlefield. Lord Krishna gave him the message of ‘Niskam Karm’. He told him that a man must go on doing his duty without any motive to fulfill his desires.

He told Arjuna that the soul is immortal whereas this body is perishable.

As such, he should not get worried about the death of Drona and Bhishma. Thus, the immortality of the soul has been very well presented in the Gita. It has a rich philosophy. It gives us peace of mind.

Life in a Big City ( Essay in English )

Life in a big city is very fast and busy. The atmosphere is noisy and suffocating. The roads and the streets are crowded and unsafe.

The smoke coming out of factory-chimneys pollutes the atmosphere. People get no opportunity to breathe fresh and pure air. Food in big cities is adulterated. Life is very costly.

Rents and fares are very high. City people do not have any fellow-feeling. They are very selfish and self-centered. They have no peace of mind.

They do not lead a contented life. Their life is nothing but an endless race for money.

A Visit to a Historical Place

Everyone likes to go to a historical place. Last month I left for Agra by train. The train ran on its track at a fairly good speed.

India’s multicolored culture was well represented in the railway compartment. Among the travelers, there were Bengalis, Punjabis, Bihari’s, and Jharkhandis.

The next day I reached Agra which reminded me of the glory of India. I was enthralled to see massive buildings as well as delicate works of art.

The Taj Mahal, the monument of love was the main center of attraction. I rubbed my eyes in wonder to see the Agra-Fort and the monuments at Fatehpur Sikri.

I thought of the great Moghal kings who are all gone but their memory lingers. My visit to Agra was really a historical visit because I visited a city of monuments.

The happiest day of my life

The happiest day of my life was 26th May 2020. Although many years have passed since then, the
memory of that day is still fresh in my mind. It seems like it happened only yesterday. I still remember, when early in the morning, the newspaper had printed our results.

My All India Higher Secondary Examination results were declared. To my surprise and boundless
delight, I had topped the list of successful candidates in India. I was the luckiest boy to have
achieved such a rare distinction.

I had, without doubt, done very well in my examinations but this kind of superb achievement was beyond my expectations. The whole house was full of jubilation at my unexpected excellence. My parents were thrilled.

All my relatives and friends came over to our place to congratulate me. I could see my parents’ eyes were full of tears of happiness and pride.

My jubilation knew no bounds when, in the evening, my school principal and the entire teaching
staff visited our house to personally congratulate my parents and me on my brilliant performance.

My principal told my father that he was proud of the honour. I had brought it to my Alma Mater. They even gave a day off for the school in my honor. I was on cloud nine.

The next day, my name, achievement, and my photograph came out in all esteemed newspapers. I
felt absolutely giddy with joy to see myself in the photograph printed in all national newspapers.
It was, indeed, a very happy day for me. It all seemed like a dream come true.

Even today, when I sit back and remember that wonderful day, it gives me a lot of pleasure and brings a smile on my face.


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