Essay on Air Pollution for Students | 700 Words

Essay on Air Pollution for Students

700+ Words Essay on Air Pollution.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction.
  • Causes of Air Pollution.
  • Air Pollution and its Foundation.
  • How to Avoid Air Pollution?


essay on air pollution

Air pollution mixes of harmful substances in the atmosphere. There is a huge amount of damage in the fresh air, human health-related disorders, reducing the quality of life, etc. Air pollution is growing day by day due to an enlarging number of industries. Such polluted air never stays in one place but spreads throughout the environment and affects the lives of people all over the world.

Human extinction has increased due to various types of diseases. The polluted air we breathe every moment causes lung disorders and even lung cancer affects the health of other organs of the body.

Air pollution is continuously harming entire ecosystems and also influencing the lives of plants and animals. It has reached a crucial state and is affecting the entire atmosphere by allowing more harmful radiations from the Sun to the Earth. The re-polluted air acts as better insulation that prevents heat from going back into space.

Causes of Air Pollution

Where there are more pollutants befouling the air, the stress in the eyes, chest tightness, and coughing are common. Some people feel it and some people do not perceive it, but because of this, they start breathing. Air pollution is also a symptom of angina (a heart infection) or asthma (a lung infection), or abrupt health degeneration. As the pollution in the air excites to disappear, the energy recovers. Some people are very crumbly, on whom the influence of air pollution becomes very fast and quick and some people are late. Children are more delicate than adults, so air pollution has a more numerous effect on them. And they fall ill. Because of which diseases such as varum and bronchitis occur in children. Children should be kept in homes during times of high air pollution so that they can be preserved from air pollution.

Air Pollution and its Foundation

Carbon Mono Oxide:- It is a semi carbon generated from petrol, diesel fuel, and wood burning. It is also generated from cigarettes. This creates a deficiency in oxygen which makes problems in our sleep.

Carbon dioxide:- It is a greenhouse gas. When humans burn coal oil and natural gas, the burning of these generates carbon dioxide gas.

Chloro-Fluoro Carbon:- It is a chemical that damages ozone. When it is used for air conditioning and chilling, its particles from the air reach the stratosphere of our atmosphere and destroy the ozone layer consisting of other gases. This ozone layer preserves animals and flora on the ground from ultraviolet rays that harm the sun. This is why chloro-fluoro carbon is a big warning to humans and another organic world.

Lead:- Lead is found in diesel, petrol, batteries, paint and hair dyes, etc. Lead especially affects children. This worsens the brain and stomach function. It can also cause cancer.

Ozone:- The ozone layer is the topmost layer of the stratosphere in the atmosphere. It is a unique and important gas. Its function is to check ultraviolet rays that harm the sun from coming to the exterior of the land. Yet it is highly contaminated on the ground surface and also poisonous. Ozone radiates in large numbers from clusters. Ozone generates watery eyes and irritability.

Nitrogen Oxide:- This generates haze and acid rain. This gas is generated by the burning of petrol, diesel, and coal. This causes many types of attacks in children which are common in winter.

Suspended Particulate Matter:- These are solids, fumes, dust particles in the air that prevail in the air for a particular time. Because of which the lungs are destroyed and have a problem breathing.

‘Sulfur Dioxide’: When coal is smoked in a thermal power plant, the gas that comes out of it is ‘sulfur dioxide’ gas. Sulfur dioxide is also present in gases used to smelt metal and fix the paper. This gas is very helpful in generating haze and in acid rain. Sulfur dioxide affects lung infections.


How to Avoid Air Pollution?

1. The government should make such systems that employees work from home. Go to the office only once a week. And now with the arrival of information technology, this is also desirable. For example, 35% of people working in the US corporate sector visit office only one day a week. The rest of the job is done at home. Due to which there is no cost for their shipping and also air pollution does not build. Those people take the time to come and use them for other determinations. Such as – Gardening.

2. Use more and more bicycles.

3. Use public transport.

4. Do not leave children in school by car, but cheer them to go to school transport.

5. Ask the people in your house to make a carpool so that they can sit in the same car and go to the office. This will also save fuel and conquer pollution.

6. Take care of trees and plants nearby your houses accurately.

7. Do not use power when not needed.

8. Run in the room where cooler fan or air conditioning is essential, keep the rest closed.

9. If you have dry leaves in your garden, do not burn them, but make its humus.

10. Get your car’s pollution reduced at a period of every three months.

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