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Essay on Environment

700 + Words Essay on Environment.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction 
  • Definition of Air Pollution 
  • Causes of Environmental Pollution 
  • Steps to Protect the Environment
  • World Environment Day 
  • Conclusion of the Essay on Environment


essay on environment

Air is the basis of the life of all beings. The environment is a very important part of the environment. Air is very important for human life. Human life cannot be imagined without air. Over the years, a major problem of air pollution has arisen in front of the world.

Air pollution is getting terrible day by day. In the last several years, the number of factories in every city has increased greatly, affecting the environment. In 2015, 1.1 million people died due to pollution. To be healthy, it is very important to have clean environmental air. When a change in air structure threatens health.

Definition of Air Pollution 

Air pollution means getting polluted in the air due to the unnecessary mixing of some elements in the air. Air pollution occurs when any harmful substances like chemicals, micro-substances, or organic matter are found in the atmosphere.

When the internal structure is affected due to dust, smoke, toxic, gas, chemical vapors, scientific experiments in the air, that is, when there is an excess of heterogeneous substances, when the air becomes harmful to humans and its environment, then this situation is called air. It is called pollution.

Causes of Environmental Pollution 

The reason for such an increase in air pollution is the widespread proliferation of industries, the increase in the number of vehicles leaving smoke, and the greater exploitation of sources of energy for domestic uses. The fresh air of the environment is getting contaminated day-to-day due to the discovery of various substances, organic molecules, and many types of harmful materials.

The increasing population of the world has made more use of natural resources. Due to industrialization, big cities are becoming barren. The smoke that comes out of vehicles and factories contains a quantity of sulfur-dioxide which is converted into sulfur and later sulfuric acid and remains in the air in the form of droplets.

Some chemical gases reach the atmosphere and react with the ozone system and reduce their quantity, due to which air pollution is increased. If continuous carbon-dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, nitrogen, oxide, hydrocarbon are mixed in the atmosphere in the same way, then air pollution will reach its peak.

The biggest causes of air pollution are textile factories, chemical factories, oil purifier factories, sugar making factories, metallurgical and cardboard making factories, fertilizer, and pesticide factories. Carbon-dioxide, nitrogen, carbon-mono-oxide, sulfur, lead, beryllium, zinc, cadmium, mercury, and dust from these factories reach the atmosphere directly, which increases air pollution.

One reason for air pollution is the increasing population and people coming to the cities. Trees and forests are constantly pruned for the arrangement of accommodation and accommodation of people, due to which there is an increase in air pollution. When the public and individual toilets are not properly cleaned, air pollution in the area increases greatly.

When the dead skin of an animal is removed and its dead body is put in an open place and due to rotting of its body, the stench spreads in the air causing air pollution. Molecular energy contaminates the atmosphere due to space travel, nuclear technology development, or due to explosion or action for research work.


Steps to Protect the Environment

The environment in which we live is becoming increasingly contaminated. We require that we maintain and conserve our environment properly. In our country, the tradition of environmental protection has been going on for long. Our ancestors have protected them by considering various creatures as riding gods and goddesses in various trees.

Environmental protection is a process of improving the relationship between humans and the environment that has two purposes. The first is the management of activities that cause damage to the environment. The second is to make the lifestyle of the human being consistent with the natural system of the environment so that the quality of the environment can be maintained.

Smoke and materials from factories should be disposed of properly. Diagnosing the problem of pollution and filth is very much needed to protect our environment. Plants should be installed in all mills, factories, and commercial areas to control pollution.

Smoke and toxic gases must be expelled directly into the sky through these plants. There should be proper arrangement for maintenance of buses, cars, trucks, scooters in big cities and regular checking of them should also be done. Green plants should be planted and big trees should be protected.

Noisy noises should be limited and controlled for peaceful living. All men, women, and children should give their full support to protect the environment. There should be a provision of strict laws for the disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes. Public awareness should be made for the best use of resources.

There should be less use of chemical pesticides in agriculture. Forest management should increase the areas of forests. Before starting the development plans, their impact on the environment should be assessed. The man should try to reduce this problem with his efforts.

Factories that have been established cannot be set up at other places, but now the government should take care that any new factories that are open should be away from the city. The pollution caused by factories should not affect the people of the city. The man should try to reduce the pollution caused by himself.

Vehicles should be used as little as possible. This problem can also be reduced by using public transport. Efforts should be made by our scientists to control the smoke. Felling of forests should be severely punished and new trees should be planted.

 World Environment Day 

World Environment Day is observed between 5 June to 16 June. On the day of the world environment, trees are planted everywhere and many works related to the environment are done in which June 5 has special significance. In today’s time, the man should strive to keep the environment balanced at his level.

It is not a matter of anyone group trying to be free from environmental pollution. No rule or law can be overcome by applying this problem. If every person thinks about its side effects and the next generation, then perhaps this problem can be overcome.

 Conclusion of the Essay on Environment 

Some state governments have also passed several laws to protect the environment. A Ministry is working for the protection of the environment under the Central Government. For the solution of this problem, public support can prove to be very helpful and useful. Lack of development and development processes also pose challenges. The search for a more viable future may only be meaningful in the context of a very vigorous attempt to eliminate the development of means of elimination.

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