Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students | Farewell Speech in English

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Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students

 Best Farewell Speech by Students Samples and Templates

Hello hello!!!! Mike testing 1, 2, 3, 4 everyone can hear me ok so let’s get started…

Good morning respected teachers, seniors, and my dear friends,

My name is ……… and I study in class…….

Today at the farewell ceremony of my teacher, Mr…………., I want to express my feelings about you.

Dear friends, how sad it is to organize the farewell ceremony of our dearest teacher, however, we should not be sad and bid farewell to him happily.

You are our best teacher and will always be in our hearts as well. Today you are our chief guest at this farewell ceremony.

I know that today we all are sad to bid farewell to our dear teacher because we will always miss our dear teacher i.e. you will always be missed, but I am happy to express my feelings in front of you.

On one hand, we are sad but on the other hand, we are also happy about such a huge achievement of promotion to the post of your Vice-Principal in some other big institute.

You are our most dedicated teacher who always taught us to follow discipline and rules.

You have contributed immensely to the teaching and other creative pursuits of our college. You have made organizing all our events very easy and interesting through your cooperation and creative mind.

I still remember my first day in this college, class 9. I was very depressed as it was my first day in this college. You helped me a lot in that situation and instilled confidence in me.

You taught me to be happy and confident. In fact, I can never forget that moment with you.

We very much enjoyed the educational tour of Nainital with you last year. You are the best teacher of our physics who made this difficult and dull subject so easy and interesting.

You changed our approach to teaching by sharing effective ways of reading.

You are like our father, who treats us like a friend in the time of need, like a teacher in the time of studies, however, treats us harshly for our mistakes.

You are, in fact, very encouraging in practice and deserve to be promoted.

You are very responsible and helpful to everyone and help everyone in completing any task. Your exceptional qualities make you different from others in college.

Now I am going to conclude my speech, thank you all for being here and making this program a success.

~Thank You for listening~


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