Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes 2023 for Wife [Girlfrind / Boyfriend]

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Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes –    14 February  is a very ancient holiday, mentions of it are found in the history of ancient Rome.

On this day, the pagans revered the patroness of marriage. On the holiday, the girls wrote their names on parchment and mixed pieces of paper in a common basket. The guys took turns dragging notes, thus choosing a companion for the coming year.

In 496, the Pope declared February 14 to be Valentine’s Day. There are many legends that tell about the exploits of the one whose name the holiday is named after. Valentine’s Day peaked in popularity in the 18th century.

Then young people began to give each other beautiful homemade cards in the shape of hearts. The cards were written declarations of love and poems.

Now the romantic holiday is celebrated in many countries. The lovers are looking forward to him to confess their feelings to each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day wish

On Valentine’s Day May dreams come true. Let love not pass by, And flowers bloom in the soul! May this happy holiday Bring wonderful news, Become a little fairy tale, Where everything is joyful and clear!


Kisses, hugs, Pleasure to goosebumps And mutual, pure love, Like a radiant sun! The sweetest evenings, Infinitely tender words, An avalanche of pleasure. Happy Valentine’s Day!


I wish you love big and pure on Valentine’s Day . So that all dreams come true Surprisingly quickly. Smiles, happiness, laughter, Attention in everything. Let warmth and tenderness Grow only every day!


Happy Valentine’s Day I heartily congratulate you! And huge, pure love I wish with all my heart. Let there be a sea of ​​​​smiles, Let sadness and grief go away. Let there be hundreds of confessions, The brightest expectations!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentines Day! After all, there is nothing better in the world than to love and be loved. Let this holiday be felt not only on this day, but every day, and the feeling of love and falling in love lives in the hearts of everyone for many years of life. I wish all lovers on this day to decide on a new step in their lives, those who have not yet met their love, be sure to find it, and those who have lost faith in love, find it again. Love and be loved!


Short SMS on Valentine Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love and love. And a valentine heart I give you from the bottom of my heart.


Happy Valentine’s Day! I want to wish love, Happiness, tenderness and affection From dusk to dawn!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Let love turn your head and give your heart happiness!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Let life be filled with happiness And the cherished desire will surely come true!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Happiness and love beautiful! Let life be like a picture: Bright, picturesque, clear!


Happy Valentine Day wishes for Wife

I’m in love with you as before,
my dear wife.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Know that you are my only one.

My bunny and beauty,
Sweet peach, my cat,
I want to confess to you:
I feel so good with you!


My heart is beating fast when
you’re next to me.
Happiness flows right into the soul –
Lucky like this with my wife!

And there is a reason for passion –
You are beautiful and tender.
Happy Valentine’s Day,
Incomparable Wife!


Happy Valentine’s Day
, I congratulate you, wife!
You are my other half,
And I really need you in life.

In the whole world you are the only one,
my affectionate and gentle.
Beloved, caring and funny,
I am very glad that you are my wife.


Happy Valentine’s Day,
My dear wife,
I wish you happiness,
You are my only one!

I love you, my dear,
With a pure heart I say,
You are a dream, you are my sun,
I adore you!


My wonderful wife,
So chic and tender,
I wish you on Valentine’s Day –
Be happy, dear!

I want to confess to you that I’m ready to
kiss you
at least every hour
Millions of sweet times!


Valentine Day wishes for Girlfriend


Happy Valentine’s Day I congratulate you. You love, and be loved, And always be happy! Let people give you joy and flowers more often. Smile, laugh out loud. You, girlfriend, do not be sad!


Happy Valentine’s Day Congratulations. I want you to keep the light of love in your heart. So that happiness does not end, So that your soul blooms, So that bad things do not occur, So that the holiday will always be.


Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish from the bottom of my heart: Be desired and loved, Do not be sad and do not grieve. Mutual feelings, bright life, Without offense and without betrayal, More often to receive gifts And happy changes.


Happy Valentine’s Day, You love and be loved, And smile with happiness, Just enjoy life! So that your heart beats, So that you strive for the best, And joke and laugh, And always shine with love!


Happy Valentine’s Day, dear! May life be full of miracles, And love in the soul does not stop, And luck will reach the skies. Hopes will bloom like flowers, Joy will smile like a star, To be happier than before – Tomorrow and today, and always!


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