Importance of Trees Essay for Students Latest 2022-23

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Essay on Importance of Trees

700+ Words Essay on the Importance of trees.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction.
  • Benefit from Trees.
  • Tree Cutting Damage.
  • Trees are the Beauty of Nature.
  • Conclusion.


importance of trees

The beauty of our nature depends on the plants. Its bagger nature seems deserted. We believers know the importance of trees and plants, but still, we do not pay special attention to these things. Humans and animals have been dependent on trees and plants since ancient times. In the Stone Age, the primitive humans used to eat tuber-roots, tree leaves, fruits, and branches. Then the man had no knowledge about civilization.

The primitive man used to cover his body with trees. Used to find shelter on trees. He used to climb trees to avoid wild animals. The importance of trees in human life is like water without fish. We get shade, sweet fruits, medicines, woods from the trees. Today man is cutting trees without thinking to fulfill his selfishness. He does not know how much damage he is doing to himself and his nature.

Trees have saved Manav Jati from many natural disasters in ancient times. Man has been protected from heavy rain and heavy sun. Humans are harvesting trees to build their homes, factories, schools, shopping malls. Many trees are pruned daily. But people think less about planting trees.

Benefit from Trees

Trees-plants perform photosynthesis work which is called photosynthesis in English. We, humans, release carbon dioxide, which plants absorb, along with it, water and sun rays are needed. Plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis. The more trees and plants there are, the more oxygen will be in the atmosphere.

Tree Cutting Damage

The more trees you will cut, whether it is for road or any company construction. A lack of oxygen in the air will be found. Nowadays the demand for different types of furniture is increasing in the market. Therefore many trees like teak are being pruned. The number of trees being cut down is going to its tanning border. The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing continuously.

Due to the increase of gas like Carbon dioxide, methane, processes like the greenhouse effect are arising. A greenhouse is a process in which a gas-like Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of any home increases the temperature relatively which is harmful.

Trees are the Beauty of Nature

The tree makes our nature beautiful and makes the environment pure. The tree is a friend of man. We should not cut trees and plant trees. If trees are no longer plants then there will be an imbalance in the earth. If trees do not exist, then no creature on earth will survive.

Trees can keep our environment green and happy. Nowadays, many awareness programs are conducted to preserve trees. Many programs and competitions like Van Mahotsav are organized to spread awareness among the people about the conservation of the environment and the importance of trees.

Today it is our irony that we do not understand the importance of natural resources like forests and trees. If we want to protect our earth, we must plant trees. Because that day is not far away, again in the absence of nature and trees, this earth will become a ball of fire.


Trees try to give us a clean and pollution-free environment, so many trees are planted near the roads to control the pollution. Trees protect against natural disasters like soil erosion.

The roots of trees hold fertile soil. Due to which land erosion is not possible. Trees cause rain. Due to the cutting of trees, the amount of rainfall is decreasing in the monsoon month. Trees are an invaluable gift given by nature. The number of saplings is declining due to increasing industrialization. That day is not far off, the Earth will end. If not a tree, then there is no earth, and if there is no earth, we are not. The tree is extremely important for our life. Therefore, we should plant more and more trees.

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  1. Very lucid presentation you have presented here. Truthfully I wish you a lot of thanks. Actually it’s needed to focus on the human beings about the necessity and the awareness of the Nature. Green is the growth of the Human Beings. But they don’t try to understand the real and ideal sense of the Nature. We have to plant 10 plants in the place of one cutting wood or tree.

    Team, Student
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