My dad My Hero Essay in English Latest 2021-22

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My Dad My Hero

500 Words My dad My Hero Essay –


My father is not only my hero but an inspiration to all. Apart from being a great father, he is also a good husband and an obedient son. Apart from this, he is also a very great human being. They treat everyone equally and do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste, religion, or social status. All our family members and people in the neighborhood talk highly about him because of his very friendly and helpful nature. People come to him to seek advice as well as help from him because he knows he has a solution for every problem. My father is someone whom I respect immensely. He is a highly qualified person and very dedicated to his work. His dedication to family is as much to his own work and that is one of his qualities that I admire the most.

My Father gives the Best Advice

Children are more attached to their mother and often share all their secrets with her. However, in my case, the fact is a bit different. Whenever I need advice, the first thing I go to my father. I like my father’s advice and I do what I’m advised to do. I follow my father’s advice because he is very experienced and has more experience than me. I know that my father’s advice is right for me because a father never thinks badly about his child’s future. Every father worries about his child’s future. That’s why I prefer to take advice from my father rather than anyone else. Because now I know that the advice given by my father is better for my future.

My father is always Helping others

My father is always ready to help everyone. I still remember the day when a friend of my father suddenly fell ill, my father helped him and his family. Father’s friend’s family was not financially strong he was the only earning member in the family. His parents and wife were not only financially dependent on him but also did not know how to deal with hospital formalities and other arrangements. My father helped him in his time of need.

At that time my father had helped his friend’s family to deal with the hospital formalities and he also arranged money for his friend’s treatment.

This incident has left a deep impact on my heart. Whenever I think about it, I feel proud of my father.


My father is really my hero. He has given us good education and inspires us to do our best. It is fair to say that, he is not only my father but also my best friend and my hero.


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