Our National Flag Essay in English Latest 2021-22

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Our National Flag Essay

The ‘National Flag of India’ is tiranga. Tiranga flag is a symbol of the pride of India. Our national flag is made of saffron, white and green Colours. In the middle of it is the Ashoka Chakra. There are twenty-four rods in this chakra and its color is dark blue. The Government of India has protected the ancient glory of India by accepting this Chakra of Emperor Ashoka.

Indian Flag Colors Meaning

Three colors are adorned in the national flag, the three colors of the Tiranga are symbols of their special qualities. Saffron, white and green colors have been used in this. They have both philosophical and spiritual meanings.

  • Saffron:- Saffron color signifies enthusiasm and bravery. Taking inspiration from this, countless heroes of the country had laid down their lives for the attainment of the country’s independence.
  • White:- White color is a symbol of our purity, bright character, truth, and cultural superiority.
  • Green:- Symbolizes prosperity and progress and green color keeps diseases away, relaxes the eyes

Indian National Flag Code

On 26 January 2002, after so many years of independence, the National Flag Code was amended. The meaning of the National Flag Code is the instructions given regarding the hoisting and use of the Indian flag.

In this amendment, the general public was allowed to hoist the flag in their homes and offices on any day of the year, but at the same time, special care was also given to ensure that there is no loss in the respect of the flag.

In Honor of the National Flag

The pride, prestige, honor, and pride of the national flag should always be maintained, so according to Indian law, the flag should always be looked at with respect, and the flag should never touch water and land. It cannot be used as a tablecloth, to cover a stage, a cornerstone, or an idol.

Prior to 2005, it could not be used as a dress and uniform, but it was allowed after the amendment of 5 July 2005. In this also it cannot be used as clothes below the waist and as handkerchief and pillow. The flag cannot be dipped, and it cannot be intentionally placed upside down. Hoisting the National Flag is an absolute right, but it has to be followed as per Article 51A of the Constitution.


The national flag Tiranga is today the pride of India after crossing many hurdles. Insulting the national flag is an insult to the country, so the guilty deserve punishment. There is a provision of imprisonment for three years and a fine for insulting the flag. There are many interesting facts and instructions related to the national flag like how to use the flag, how not to when the flag is lowered etc., all these instructions should be followed seriously by all of us.


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