Idioms And Phrases with Meaning in Hindi & English

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हर भाषा को सीखने का अपना एक सफर होता है। धीरे-धीरे ही आप इस सफर पर आगे बढ़ते हैं। Phrases का प्रयोग इस सफर की एक अहम सीढ़ी है। इस सीढ़ी से गुजर कर ही आप अच्छी अंग्रेजी जान सकते हैं, लेकिन याद रखें कि इन phrases with meaning in hindi को याद करने की बजाय आपका जोर इस बात पर होना चाहिए कि बातचीत में आप इनका लगातार प्रयोग करें।

Phrases with meaning in hindi

phrases with meaning in hindi

1. Drop in

The phrase is used to refer to a casual visit by someone. If you drop in on somebody, you visit him informally

2. Drop out

Dropping out of something means withdrawing from it. It can be used in multiple ways ranging from dropping out of a plan, group, or an institution.

3. Edge out

Edging out means causing the other to lose his position by a narrow difference. It refers to blunting the edges.

4. Even out

The phrase refers to removing obstacles, inequalities, and smoothening of a bumpy surface. Alternately, it also refers to an equal distribution of work.

5. Expand on

If you expand upon something, you give more information about it. You add details to it.

6. Explain away

The phrase refers to defending oneself, giving excuses for one’s inefficiency or mistake. People may use it to justify their wrong  doing.
अपनी गलती पर सफाई देना।

7. Fall apart

Falling apart means breaking into pieces. If an organization falls apart, it becomes ineffective and disorganized
टुकड़ों में बंटना या असर खत्म होना।

8.Fall back on

The phrase refers to depending on somebody, in times of stress or difficulty, for support.

9.Fall upon

When a person is suddenly encountered by an unpleasant situation. If something falls on you, it becomes your responsibility to deal with it. Alternately, if somebody falls on you, he catches you unawares, attacking violently.
अचानक किसी आपात स्थिति का सामना करना।

10. Fall out

If you fall out with somebody, you have an argument, resulting in the break up of your former associations.
किसी व्यक्ति से तर्क-वितर्क के बाद अलग हो जाना।

11. Fall through

It is used to refer to an arrangement or plan left incomplete, as it fails before it can achieve its fruition.
नतीजो से पहले किसी चीज का अधूरा छूट जाना।

12 Figure out

If you figure something out, you understand it by reflecting on it. For example, you figure out a solution to a problem.
किसी समस्या का हल ढूढ़ना।

13. Find out

If you find something out, you learn something about which you did not know earlier. Alternately, it also refers to discovering someone else’s misdeed, or the fact that he did something wrong.
जो चीज आपको पहले नहीं पता थी, उसका आपको पता चलना।

14. Fix on

If you fix on a particular thing, you make a choice, selecting one among many.
चिन्हित करना।

15. Fix up

If you fix something up, you repair or decorate it.
किसी चीज को जोड़ना।

16. Follow-through

if you follow through an action, you carry it out or continue it to the end. You complete it

17. Follow up

If you follow something up, you take further action on it. You develop it further, exploiting its potential to the full.
किसी मसले पर आगे कार्रवाई करना।

18. Freak out

if you freak out, you behave strangely and wildly.
अजीब-सा व्यवहार करना।

19. Frown on/upon

Frowning upon something means disapproving of it.
अस्वीकृत करना।

20. Gain on

If you are pursuing something/ someone and you manage to catch it up, you gain on it.
जो चीज हम पाना चाहते हैं. उसका मिल्न जाना।

21. Gear up

The phrase refers to a sense of preparedness about something.
तैयारी करना।

22. To get about

If you get about, you go to different places as part of your way of life. It’s also called globetrotting. If a rumour gets about, it quickly circulates from person to person.
इधर-उधर घूमने जाना या किसी अफवाह का फैलना।

23. Get across

the phrase is used to indicate one’s good communication skills. If you succeed in making other people understand your point, it shows you can communicate effectively.
किसी चीज को अच्छी तरह समझाने का गुण।

24. Get after

If you get after somebody, you try to catch him, especially when he has committed a crime.
किसी चीज के पीछे पड़ना
I hope guys these phrases with meaning in Hindi will really help you to improve English speaking skills. 
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