10 Best Poster on Save Water for Class 11th & 12th

Poster on Save Water

Q. Design a poster to urge the world to Save Water.

Answer;- Poster on Save Water

The term “save water” urges us to conserve water – one of the Earth’s most important natural resources. The easy availability of water has made us careless, reducing its importance and being wasted as a result of its wastage.

Today, a typical household wastes thousands of liters of water annually without realizing that it would require years to breed the same amount of water through natural processes. The use of water should be optimized to ensure its availability for future generations.

Save Water Poster – 1

Poster on Save Water

Poster – 2

Poster on Save Water

Poster – 3

Poster on Save Water

Poster – 4

Poster on Save Water

Poster – 5

Poster on Save Water

Poster- 6

Poster on Save Water

Poster- 7


Poster on Save Water

Poster on Save Water

Poster – 10

poster on save water

Water is the most important natural resource made available to humans by the earth. It is necessary for the survival of life and maintaining ecological balance. Life on Earth cannot be imagined without water and history is replete with wars fought between civilizations over water.

Although the Earth has 71% water, only 2.5% of its water is drinkable, and we are also wasting it. Most of the freshwater we are using today has probably been since the beginning of life on Earth.

The amount of fresh water on Earth remains constant, but human pollution has increased manifold due to its intake; adequate measures must be taken towards optimal use of water and to ensure the future availability of this most valuable resource of nature Methods such as rainwater harvesting should be implemented.


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