Pride Goes Before a fall Story in English with moral values

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Pride goes before a fall story | Pride goes before a fall example | Pride goes before a fall proverb expansion | Meaning of pride goes before a fall

Write a story ending with this saying; Pride goes before a fall.

Pride Goes Before a fall Story

It is true of the saying that pride goes before a fall. I have seen many people whose lives were full of pride.

Their lives were ended in misery. One of them was the arrogant rainmaker in my village. He had arrogated himself with the gods and challenged God.

He carried his shoulders so high and called himself “the god of the rain” Ajuana was the name of the rainmaker.

He terrorized the whole community with his rain-making charms Anyone who did not have the resources to settle him was in great trouble. It was just like the day Ukanwa, the childless widow, was buried.

She was a poor widow and had no one to pay off the rainmakers.

On the day of her burial, Ajuana did what he was known for. He made sure the sky wept water and blood.

The poor widow’s grave was flooded. But the members of St. Joseph’s parish managed to
bury Ukanwa under the rain.

Men and women, old and young, worked tirelessly to see that the flood was drained from the grave. Hastily, the parish priest
blessed the grave and ordered them to lay her coffin down the grave.

They were drained beyond measure, including the priest and the servants.
Ajuana did not believe his ears when he heard that a family in Uchula had vowed not to pay him homage for their burial preparations.

To be sure, went to the family to find out why they have not come to settle him. They were not afraid to tell him off.

They told him that heaven and earth belong to God. He left the family humiliated. But he promised them a bleeding and moody sky on the day of their brother’s funeral and they made a bet.

On the burial day, the family brought home some men who called themselves “The Psalmists”.

Theirs were to pray prayers continuously. At the back of Ajuana’s house, he was at his rain-making corner.

He stood and went into his kitchen and gathered additional dry tendrils and dry coconut fronds. With these two items and kerosene, making fire was as easy as a snap of the finger.

When the fire produced flames, he sat down at his usual sitting position, his goat-skin bag already by his side.

He was in a haste to bring down the rain. So, he doubled his charms and tactics. Like, instead of placing the fresh herbal leaves one at a time, he doubled each leaf.

He stuffed his nostrils with a double scoop of snuff simultaneously and took a deep breath to
send the deadly tobacco into his brain.

This method of snuffing gave him uncontrollable sneezing which caused his nose and eyes to cry tears.

When he noticed that there was a strange force hampering the rainmaking, he jumped into his goat barn and slaughtered a pregnant goat.

He poured the blood like liberation on the rain-stone and rain finally came. He went into his house pacing about.

He bragged and hailed himself. He did not end there, Ajuana aimed to mock his contenders.

He was determined to defy the flood in order to publicly shame and laugh at the bereaved family. He left his house amidst the heavy

At a bend where he would cross a bridge, he
tripped. He fell into a surged bridge. The rainmaker was drowned and carried into the river by the flood.

His corpse was not found up to date. Pride goes before a fall!


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