Smartphone addiction – People Addiction to smartphnoes

Smartphone addiction is a matter of concern for us. According to a survey, lakhs of such searches are being done in the internet that how to avoid smartphone addiction.

The interesting thing is that we know that smartphone addiction is fatal for us, but still we use smartphones.

Night falls, we go to bed and before closing our eyes to officially end the day, we decide to take one last virtual tour of the cell phone: read some news, search for a viral video on social networks and answer a WhatsApp. Or sometimes, when we get up in the middle of the night, in the middle of a little awakening, we go back to spying on the phone “just a little bit” but then it becomes difficult to go back to sleep. To whom did it not happen? Who doesn’t?

That the cell phone has become part of our lives, that it almost seems like an extension of the body, that we live to the rhythm of notifications and that we are “terrified” of running out of battery. We know all this, we hear it, we read it, we feel it. And yet… it’s still hard to control.

People Addiction to smartphones

Smartphone addiction
A 14 year old boy commits suicide in his house and writes in the suicide note that mom, don’t cry, 40 thousand have drowned in online games, I am doing this for this reason.

There is a 15 year old boy in another city, he commits suicide just because his mother snatches the smartphone from him and takes him to the office. The child was addicted to mobile games.

There are many such news which is not new to the news listener. But once this is happening with the family or any of his family members, ask him once and see how bad he feels, the whole courage to live life is broken.

About 76 crore people are Smartphone users in our country. Out of which 38 crore people in the country definitely play some kind of game in 2022.

In such a situation, I am not able to stop myself from trying to know how bad the use of Smartphone is affecting our children and whether there is any solution to this problem or not.

After examining every problem and solution in depth, I have brought this topic for you, that’s why you should watch it completely without skipping, maybe you yourself are falling victim to mobile addiction or maybe in your family.

There is someone who is falling prey to Smartphone Addiction and you can have children and you will not even know this.

Today we will cover every point with the help of which we can know whether we have been caught under the influence of the smartphone or not.

How many people have so many children in their family who do not eat food without watching cartoons. They don’t listen until they give a smartphone in their hand.

It is not a matter of children, it is not a matter of elders, it is not less, if they travel somewhere, then their mundi remains low.

Who is in the neighborhood, what is going on in the country, what is going on in the world, what is going on in nature, what is going on in winter-summer, rainy, there is no meaning, only means from your mobile.

WHO had issued a guide line regarding a child, in which it was told that according to the age, how much time children should spend in front of the mobile screen.

That was the guide line of the children, what are we doing elders, why are we presenting such an example in front of the children.

Are our dreams so light that we were left confined to the small 4 to 6 inch screen. This is such an addiction, isn’t it.. which is gripping a lot of people, which has a direct effect on our brain.

You can scare small children away from the mobile, but the real problem comes when the person is intelligent and even then he is in addiction to the smartphone.

A report had come that more than 50% of teen agers are mobile phone addicted.

There are about 78% people who check their device every hour without any means, this thing is not more dangerous than nerves, I am not telling nerves here that intoxication is bad no matter what.

I believe that in today’s time smartphone is necessary, studies are done in it, online classes are held in it, knowledge increases with it, along with our security also increases, any child is going anywhere is going to give exam.

Wherever you are going, mobile is necessary, it is necessary to talk, but that need is not becoming a poison.

In how many families it happens that there is a fight over the smartphone that the whole day is sitting with the mobile and nothing works.

Where the phone should not be running, where the Situation is saying that man, you need to do some other work, the phones are being used there. For example, by compromising with your sleep while sleeping, you will not compromise with your mobile.

No matter how irritable you may become, how many deprecations may come, how much restlessness may come, the mobile is not going to leave. What’s going on dude?

If you are doing some work, learning something, supporting your business, doing some improvement work in your life through mobile, adding some quality, then you can understand which game are being played.

What does this mean, photos are being put on photos on social media. If you get less than 10-15 likes then what will happen in life, will there be any loss?

Most of the tin agers and those who are young people do not use their smartphone either to play games or they will keep watching frivolous videos, pass the time, keep chatting.

First of all we have to understand why any video is made so addictive because the one who is making games and videos, they have to do business.

Why do we play games, why do we watch videos in the beginning. It feels a little good, time is passing comfortably in mobile, it is fun, but when that thing actually dissolves in our body, then Dopamine is released in our brain, it is a hormone which is released then Dopamine is not released when we enjoy doing something and then doing something else.

The game is made in such a way that it has to cross different levels, from that we get an artificial confirmation that yes man I have crossed so many levels.

The games that we used to play in childhood, running, running, playing cricket were all said. Why are your goals inside your smartphone not in your real life?

What happens inside the games, whenever you cross a level in a smartphone game, you get rewards, you get points, you get something else so that you can cross the next level properly.

You are having a lot of fun crossing it. Can’t you give rewards in real life? Reward yourself if you get your homework done, take a walk outside.

If you are studying or doing some good work, then don’t touch the smartphone in the middle of the 10-12 minutes you are taking, man go out, enjoy some open air, you can do anything else.

Some kids have very big goals but they are not able to measure how close they are to the target but when you play the game in mobile then you know that I got 70 points I want 30 more points, I am so far I have come so far and have to go and after that my level will be completed, so it looks good.

This does not happen in real life, you have to tell how far the destination is, maybe you can achieve your destination in a year or maybe it will take you ten years, this can be the biggest reason here so You are not releasing any dopamine in your real life goals.

But once you think about why people will remember you when you leave this world. Will you remember because he had crossed 20 levels in that game? You will be remembered for what you have done in real life.

The next solution is to inform the children about their progress and motivate them so that they remain self-motivated., the video he is making, the game he is making, his job is to earn money.

Watch good things, watch good videos which are adding some quality to your life, do such work so that you can move forward in your life.

This is the addiction of smartphones and social media, if you are not doing any productive work in it, then it is only harming you.


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