Essay on Unemployment in India for Students

Essay on Unemployment in India

700+ Words Essay on Unemployment in India.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • The Life of Unemployment.
  • Status of Unemployment.
  • Unemployment of Educated People.
  • Conclusion.

The Life of Unemployment.

Today, the biggest problem in the world is unemployment. There are many youngsters who are moving around with degrees in their hands but still do not get a job. What should the youth do in such a situation?

This condition is of today’s era. Today we hear reports of robbery and loot. Somewhere the news of looting the bank is found in the newspaper, and somewhere the robbing of vehicles. Man has forgotten everything in his run of life, he is worried about his family. Man is concerned about his and his family’s loaves.

unemployment in india

Status of Unemployment.

The times and circumstances are such that from illiterate people to educated people, people are unemployed. Illiterates somehow fill their stomachs but the condition of educated people is very bad. It would not be wrong to say that we are independent but from an economic point of view we are all weak.

This problem is not new, even before the second world war, this problem existed in India. The only question is that this problem is at its peak at the moment.

A view of this was seen in the university premises. A few days ago our Prime Minister went to a function in the Engineering College. As soon as his speech started, all the engineers present there spoke in one voice. 

We do not want speech, we need a job.

On the one hand, the leaders say that we need scientific and technical experts.

On the other hand, this is the plight of technical experts.


Unemployment of Educated People.

Lack of proper education system is the main reason for the unemployment of educated persons. It is a matter of sorrow and concern that even after spending so much money on education, they do not get work. Only the education system run by Lord Macaulay continues and with this education, people become only slaves and servants. 

Nowadays, education is open to all. The student is striving to become an engineer and teacher without any special qualification. The consequence of this was that the job was reduced compared to educated people, and now the situation has become such that if one person is called for a job then 10 people come to do the job.

Measures to Remove Unemployment.

It is also right that the increasing population has added to the problem of unemployment. The facilities and production are the same but consumers have become more. For example, if there is one who works at home and there are 10 eaters, then poverty will definitely come. Right now this situation in India.

The social tradition here is also the main reason for this. Many people have made begging their business. While donating to monk saints is considered virtuous. The number of such unemployed is also increasing day and night.


To overcome the problem of unemployment, we have to change the education system. Theoretical education cannot work, so the teacher should be practical. In other countries, students earn along with studies so that they do not face any difficulty in the future. The Government of India has also arranged some such education centers in which training is also being given in these education centers.

Population control

The growth of the country’s population should be stopped.

There are 3 ways to stop this growing population.

  1. Birth Control.
  2. Determination of age of marriage.
  3. Citizens should be taught to live in moderation and for the welfare of the country, the senses of the countrymen should be reduced.

Apart from this, another measure should be taxed on producing more than one child, the way it has been implemented in countries like China and it is producing very good results.

Importance of Hard Work

Diseases like laziness increased greatly in Indian society. Most people stopped doing physical work. All ready to eat cooked bread, but no one is ready to cook. Everybody wants to do easy work and nobody wants to do hard work. People are unemployed due to not getting work according to their wishes.

The problem of unemployment is the same in the villages as it is in the cities. India is an agricultural country. Farmers depend on the rain because, in the absence of rain, the production of food grains is not possible. The cottage industry and businesses have collapsed. When they do not get work in their free time, then they come to the city in search of work. Once they come to the city, they get so much convenience that they do not want to go back to the village. Unemployment also increases due to this reason.

Unemployment also increases due to this reason. Where previously 10 people used to work, today a computer operator works there. Big machines are also run by computers, that too without any laborers. Now, most of the work is being done by a computer. Due to this also the working people become unemployed.


The government of India has taken several steps to solve the problem. Large factories are being opened in different parts of the country. Unemployed are getting work from factories and the country is continuously moving forward. Indians are also working abroad due to globalization. I hope that soon in the near future, India’s unemployment problem will be resolved.

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