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Essay on Unity in Diversity

Short and Long Essay on Unity in Diversity in English


“Unity in diversity” means the existence of integrity in spite of various inequalities. India is a better example of this concept of “Unity in Diversity”.

India is a populous country and is famous all over the world because the character of “Unity in Diversity” is seen here.

“Unity in Diversity” is the strength and strength of India which today identifies India as an important quality.

India is a well-known country of the oldest civilization in the world where many ethnic groups have lived together over the years. India is a country of diverse civilizations where people use about 1650 languages ​​and dialects according to their religion and desire.

Despite being separated by culture, tradition, religion, and language, people here respect each other and live together with a lot of feelings of brotherhood.

People live here and there all over the land of India and are connected by a feeling of brotherhood. One of the great characters of our nation is “Unity in Diversity” which binds people of all religions in one relation to humanity.

Importance of Unity in Diversity

  1. “Unity in Diversity” enhances the morale of people in the workplace, organization, and community.
  2. It helps in increasing team spirit, relationships, group work among people, due to which performance, efficiency, productivity, and lifestyle are improved.
  3. The country has the resources of skill and advanced professionals in various fields.
  4. Improves human relationships and protects the human rights of all.
  5. In India “Unity in Diversity” provides sources of tourism. It attracts more travelers and tourists from all over the world from different cultures, traditions, cuisines, religions and costumes.
  6. It makes for an effective dialogue even in the worst of circumstances.
  7. Keeps people away from social troubles and helps in fighting difficulties easily.
  8. Despite being unequal in many ways, it promotes the habit of national integration among the people of the country.
  9. It helps to prosper in the field of agriculture through various crops, which increases the economy.
  10. Along with making India’s cultural heritage strong and rich, it gives importance to the rich heritage of the country.

India is a famous and big country in the world where different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Christian, and Parsi, etc. live together but all rely on one principle of religion and order.

The people here are God-fearing by nature and believe in the purification of the soul, rebirth, salvation, heaven, and hell.

People celebrate their festivals Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Good Friday, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, etc. in a very peaceful way without harming the people of any religion.

We can never forget the freedom movement run by the people of all religions of India to make India an independent country. The struggle for freedom is the best example of “unity in diversity” in India.

“Unity in Diversity” in India gives a strong message to all that without unity there is nothing. Living in love and harmony provides the true essence of life. In India “Unity in Diversity” shows that we are all born, brought up, and nurtured by one God.

Hindi is the mother tongue in India, although many other dialects and languages are spoken by people of different religions and regions (such as English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, etc.); However, all feel proud to be citizens of great India.

Why is unity in diversity important?

There are some important reasons for unity in diversity which are as follows :-

For national unity 

Unity in diversity is very important for a country because it is very easy to disintegrate people with different views and ideologies.

If there is unity among the people despite their differences, it will always be impossible for a single force to disintegrate the nation. The unity of citizens plays a very important role in maintaining peace and prosperity in a country.

For peaceful coexistence

Diversity can also be the cause of internal conflicts but unity in diversity plays a very important role in maintaining a peaceful coexistence with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

It helps them to stay united and stay united despite their disagreements.

For growth and development

Unity in diversity plays an important role in the development of the country because the country which is integrated will always prosper and progress on the path of growth and development.

It will also face fewer internal issues than the country which is socially unstable and divided on various terms.


Here it also has some drawbacks which are given:-

  • It can give rise to corruption and illiteracy in many areas of the country.
  • This can lead to many social concerns among people of different states and of multi-lingual belonging.
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of electricity, roads, etc. can lead to poor lifestyles in various rural areas.

This can lead to different social tensions between people of different states and linguistic origins. This gives rise to the growth of corruption and illiteracy in many areas of the country. It can also be the reason for poor lifestyle in various rural areas due to underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of electricity, roads, etc.

Quotes on unity in diversity

  1. Unity in diversity is the strength of the country.
  2. Unity in diversity is the source of strength.
  3. Diversity brings wholeness and peace.
  4. Unity in diversity should be our goal.
  5. Diversity is the key to happiness in society.
  6. Unity in diversity is a cultural heritage.
  7. We all belong to the human race.
  8. People in India are Indians, no one can be divided.
  9. Unity in diversity means the end of differences.
  10. We should be proud to be citizens of India.


“Unity in Diversity” focuses on the existence of unity in spite of many differences of psychological, ideological, political, religious, multilingual, physical, social, cultural, etc.

More diversity leads to more complexity in unity. Despite the great diversity of race, religion, caste, sub-caste, community, language, and dialect, people in India remain united.

People in India are very spiritual and God-fearing in nature, so they respect everyone’s religion.


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