Prayer for Ukraine – Prayer for peace in Ukraine

Prayer for peace in Ukraine – Every Orthodox believer should read a prayer for peace in Ukraine so that the bloodshed ends. No one should be indifferent in these difficult days for the Ukrainian people. The warring parties must necessarily agree to reconciliation. It’s a very difficult time. That’s why we all need to pray … Read more

Childrens Day Speech in English 2022

Speech on Childrens Day in English

Childrens Day speech 2022 | Speech on Children Day 2022 | children day speech in English | Speech on Children’s Day | speech on children’s day in English | Children day speech for kids Childrens Day Speech 2022 Short speech on children’s day  Here we are providing an ideal speech on children’s day. The speech … Read more

Prayer for my Husband at work, Job and Workplace

Prayer for my husband at work– It has often been seen that when the husband is at work, his wife prays for his success. The hallmark of true love is that the wife prays for the success of her husband. So, always pray for your husband at work. You pray for your husband at work … Read more

True meaning of Christmas | Merry Christmas meaning

We celebrate Christmas but don’t know the true meaning of Christmas. We do not know what is the purpose of celebrating Christmas. We don’t know what the meaning of Christmas is…..” True meaning of Christmas Just a week before Christmas a visitor came to visit me. It happened like this. I had just finished the … Read more

Christian Christmas Poems – a collection of the best Christmas poems

It’s time to prepare children’s Christmas parties – with the help of our selection, you can choose a suitable poem about Christmas and learn it with your child. Short poems for Christmas for children On this day we are talking about the birth of Christ. On this day Our children’s lips cannot be silent . And hearts … Read more

The story of Adam and Eve – Original sin and expulsion from paradise

The story of Adam and Eve that explains why they were cast from original sin and heaven. Adam the first man on earth Adam and Eve  are the first people created by God on earth. The name Adam means man, son of the earth. The name Adam is often identified with the word man. The expression “sons of … Read more

Children’s Day Poem in English 14th Nov 2022

All children can use these poems in their school. Children’s Day poem must be read at least once, do you know that your teacher should make you stand in front of people and say that let’s write the poem of Children’s Day or recite the poem of Children’s Day.   Children’s Day Poem Children’s Day … Read more

Inspirational Speech for Students about success

Best Inspirational Speech For Success In English. Short Success Inspirational Speech For Students In English. You will yearn to read Here, You Can Read Latest Collection Short Inspirational Speech In English For Students Life Lessons Inspirational Story And Tips. Inspirational Speech For Study In English “Hello, everyone. Thank you for having me. My name is ______ … Read more

Republic Day speech 2023 in English | Speech in English |

Republic Day Speech

Republic Day Speech 2023 | Republic Day speech 2023 in English | Republic day speech English | Republic day speech in English | Republic day speech for students | 26 January Speech | 26 January Speech | 26 January 2023 republic day speech in English Republic Day Speech 2023 Long and Short Speech on Republic … Read more

Spiritual awakening – Symptoms and Stages of Spiritual awakening

Being spiritual person, I will tell you about Spiritual Awakening and give you complete information about Spiritual Awakening Symptom. You may have heard about spiritual awakening or about people who are spiritually awakening. In fact, mystical teachings throughout history mention an emotional and inner evolution that serves to understand the forces of the universe and … Read more