Republic Day Speech 2025 : 26 january Short/Long English Speech

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Republic Day Speech

Long and Short Speech on Republic Day in English

Here we are providing speeches for the students on 75th Republic Day. Students can participate actively in the Republic Day celebration using any given speech. All the speeches for the students are written in very easy and simple language so that they can present their best speech on  Republic Day

Speech 1…

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to speak on Republic Day.

Today, we all have gathered here to celebrate the 76th Republic Day of our nation. This is a great and auspicious occasion for all of us. We should congratulate each other and pray to God for the development and prosperity of our nation.

We celebrate Republic Day in India on 26th January every year because the Constitution of India came into force on this day. We have been celebrating Republic Day of India continuously since 1950 because the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950.

Republic means the supreme power of the people living in the country and only the people have the right to choose their representatives as political leaders to lead the country in the right direction. Therefore, India is a republic country where the people choose their leader as the Prime Minister.

Our great Indian freedom fighters fought a lot for “Purna Swaraj” in India. He sacrificed his life so that his future generation does not have to struggle and they take the country forward.

India is a democratic country where the people are empowered to choose their leader to lead the country. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first President of India. Ever since we got independence from British rule in 1947, our country has developed a lot and is counted among the most powerful countries.

With the development, some shortcomings have also arisen like inequality, poverty, unemployment, corruption, illiteracy, etc. To make our country the best country in the world, we need to take a pledge today to solve such problems in society.

Now, I am going to end my speech with these words, thank you So Much.

Jay Hind Jay Bharat

Speech 2…

Republic Day specch 2025

26 January 2024 republic day speech in English

Good morning to all my respected teachers, guardians, and dear friends.

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to speak on Republic Day.

India is a self-governing country since 15 August 1947. India got independence from British rule on 15th August in 1947, which we celebrate as Independence Day. However, since 1950 on 26 January we celebrate Republic Day.

The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, so we celebrate this day as Republic Day every year. In this year 2024, we are celebrating the 75th Republic Day of India.

India is a democratic country, which has no king or queen to rule here, although the people here are the rulers here. Every citizen living in this country has equal rights, no one can become Chief Minister or Prime Minister without our vote. We have the right to choose our best prime minister or any other leader to lead the country in the right direction.

Our leader should have enough skill to think in favor of his country. He should think equally about all the states, villages, and cities of the country so that India can become a well-developed country without any discrimination of race, religion, poor, rich, upper class, middle class, lower class, illiteracy, etc.

The great leaders and freedom fighters of our country are Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, etc. To make India a free country, these people fought continuously against the British, so we can never forget their dedication to our country.

We should salute them on such great occasions by remembering them. It is only because of these people that we can think with our minds and live freely in our nation without any pressure.

Our first Indian President was Dr. Rajendra Prasad who said that “Under the jurisdiction of one Constitution and one Union, we have got together the entire part of this vast land which is the population of more than 320 crore men and women living here- Takes responsibility for welfare”.

What a shame it is to say that we are still fighting crime, corruption, and violence in our country. Again, everyone needs to be together to save the country from such slavery as it is holding back our country from going into its mainstream of development and progress.

We should go ahead and be aware of our social issues like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, global warming, inequality, etc. to solve them.

Dr. Abdul Kalam has said that “If a country becomes corruption-free and becomes a nation of a beautiful mind, I strongly feel that there are three prime members who can make a difference. He is father, mother, and a guru”. As a citizen of India, we should think about it seriously and make all possible efforts to take forward our country.

Now I am going to conclude my speech, thank you all for being here and making this program a success.

Jai Hind /Jai Bharat

Republic Day Speech in English

Republic Day speech in English

Speech on Republic Day

Republic Day Speech in English for students

Good morning to all my respected teachers, guardians, and dear friends.

As we all know that we all have gathered here on the very special occasion of our nation which is called Republic Day.

I want to deliver a speech on Republic Day in front of all of you. First of all, I would like to thank my class teacher because of whom I got a golden opportunity to say something about my beloved country on this great occasion of Republic Day on this platform of my school.

Today we all are celebrating the 75th Republic Day of our nation. After two and a half years of India’s independence in 1947, it started celebrating from the year 1950. We celebrate it every year on 26th January because on this day the Constitution of India came into existence.

Our country became independent on 15th August 1947 after a long war of independence and lakhs of sacrifices. But still, this freedom was incomplete because at that time our country was divided into many pieces, which was the biggest challenge of the country to unite.

Because our country did not have any written constitution of its own. No development is possible without discipline, be it a person or a country. Keeping this in mind, the Constituent Assembly was formed, which had 299 members.

It was presided over by Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Its first meeting was held in December 1946. And in 2 years 11 months 18 days it was finally completed on 26 November 1949. It was implemented across the country on 26 January 1950.

There is also a historical story behind this, as this day was not chosen for Republic Day. There is a big reason behind this. It was on this day, 26 January 1930, in the Lahore session of the Congress that declared Poorna Swaraj on the banks of the Ravi river.

As Indian citizens, we are also fully responsible for our country. We should make ourselves regular, read the news and be aware of the happenings in the country, what is happening right and wrong, what our leaders are doing, and first of all what we are doing for our country.

Earlier, India was a slave country under British rule which got freedom after many years of struggle through the sacrifices of thousands of our freedom fighters. Therefore, we should not easily let go of all our precious sacrifices and again let it become a slave to corruption, illiteracy, inequality, and other social discrimination.

Today is the best day when we should pledge to preserve the real meaning, status, prestige of our country, and most importantly the culture of humanity.

The great heroes of our country have fulfilled their responsibility by giving us freedom and making a constitution. In a democracy, there is a system of the people, the people are the people. Therefore, it becomes our fundamental duty to protect and respect the system and constitution of our country.

Addressing you today on this auspicious occasion, I end my speech by paying my respects and tributes to those great revolutionaries.

Many thanks to all of you…

Bharat Mata ki Jay… Jay Hind

I hope guys, you like this Republic Day speech please share it with your students.


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