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Mahatma Gandhi Essay

Mahatma Gandhi essay in English in 500 words-


Mahatma Gandhi was a freedom fighter, politician, social reformer, and a man of great personality. That’s why he is called the father of the nation of India. He had dedicated his whole life to the people of India, due to this spirit of dedication, he made many movements against the British rule for the interests of the people of India, in which he was completely successful.

Early Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was born in a simple family, his father Karamchand Gandhi worked as a Diwan of the British government, his mother Putlibai was a housewife, she was a woman with devotion, whose whole day was spent doing good to the people. The impact of which we get to see on the life of Gandhiji also.

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in the city of Porbandar in the state of Gujarat. The full name of Mahatma Gandhi was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s early education took place in Gujarat itself.

Mahatma Gandhi was as mischievous as other children in his childhood, but gradually some such incidents happened in his life due to which changes had started in his life. He was married at the young age of 13. His wife’s name was Kasturba.

Mahatma Gandhi’s education initiation

Gandhiji did not feel like studying in childhood, but from childhood, he knew the difference between right and wrong. His early education was from Porbandar, he did his high school examination from Rajkot. After that he was sent to Ahmedabad for matriculation, later he practiced law from London.

Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to education

Mahatma Gandhi believed that Indian education is not under the government but by society. That’s why Mahatma Gandhi used to call Indian education ‘The Beautiful Tree’. He made a special contribution to the field of education. It was his wish that every citizen of India should be educated. The basic mantra of Gandhiji was ‘to establish a society without exploitation.

Mahatma Gandhi Death

On the evening of 30 January 1948, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Godse with a pistol at Birla Bhawan in Delhi. 7 people including Nathuram were found guilty of this murder. It was a moment of sorrow for the country


Mahatma Gandhi was not only an influential leader but he was also a saint. He was a simple but high-minded, pious, selfless, and religious person. He used to do his work himself. He led the freedom movement peacefully and non-violence. He fought while walking on the road. Apart from this, he also attacked the social evils prevailing in the country. He emphasized increasing education in India. He stressed the Indians use indigenous products. He himself also used to wear clothes made of Khadi. He also wanted to eradicate social evils like poverty and untouchability from the country.

We should learn from his thoughts, today people start quarreling with each other on small matters and start using sticks and guns on every little thing. Gandhiji had said that those who commit violence always try to incite hatred and anger. According to Gandhi, if we want to win over the enemy, then we can also adopt the path of non-violence. By adopting which Gandhiji got us freedom from the British rule.


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