Apology Letter : Apology Letter to Teacher for Talking in Class

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Apology Letter to Teacher for Talking in Class – Sample Apology Letter to Class Teacher by School Student

Apology Letter to Teacher for Talking in Class

The Class Teacher,
__________ (Department),
__________ (Name of the School),
__________ (School Address)

Date: __/__/____

Subject: Apology for talking in class

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

My name is __________ (Name of the Student). I study in class__________ (Name of the Class) and my roll number is __________ (Roll Number Issued).

I am writing this letter as an apology for talking __________ (too much/loudly) in class. This incident happened on __________ (Date) when you were teaching __________ (Name of the Subject) in ____________ period (Period/Lecture Name). I understand that my actions were disrespectful to you and even my classmates. It was an act that was disturbing everyone.

I feel sorry for disturbing the decorum of class and I assure you that such behavior will not be repeated. Kindly forgive my foolishness and accept my apologies. I will not have any problem apologizing in front of the whole class if you allow me.

Once again, I apologize to you with full regret and I look forward to your forgiveness.

Yours Faithfully/Sincerely,
__________ (Name of the Student),
__________ (Roll Number)


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