Essay on Child Labour [Child Labour Essay]

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Essay on Child Labour 

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essay on child labour

Child labour is the most dreadful day of the childhood of a child. The misfortune of our country is that even today, like a spider web, child labour is holding small children in its net and we are all sitting hand in hand.

Child labour is poison in a day which is sold for a few rupees, this poison gradually destroys the childhood of the child, along with it the end of the nation’s newly created future.

In our India, children are considered as Gods, but from them, their childhood is taken away and family responsibilities are handed over to them.
All the children have the mind to play with toys and get an education in childhood, but what to do, greed and family responsibilities are revealed somewhere.

What is child labour?

According to the 24th Article of the Constitution of India, the work of children below 14 years of age as laborers, factories, hotels,  domestic servants, etc., is covered under child labor, if any person is found to be doing so There is a provision for appropriate punishment.

But when we come out of the book world, we get to see children doing child labor at every turn. The reality is that people do not even care about the law, that is why child labor is increasing day by day.

According to the latest report of 2017, more than 35 million children in India do child labour, the highest is child labour in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan.

Reason for child labour

(1) Lack of education;- Lack of education is the main reason for child labour, as long as people are not educated, they will continue to believe that nothing is more than money, that is why they put their children in labour work from childhood.

(2) Poverty;- Poverty is a big problem for our country, due to which many problems arise. Child labor is also a problem due to poverty because people of poor families are unable to maintain their families properly, so they can Let the kids ventured into wage work.

(3) Greedy people;- Today in 21st century India, some parents, and guardians are so greedy for money that they even put their children in labour work for money.

(4) Family compulsions;- Many times children also have family compulsions because there are some accidents, due to which there is no earner in their family, so they are forced to go to hotels, tea shops, factories to work.

(5) Population growth;- In India, the population growth rate is increasing very fast due to which the value of essential commodities is increasing day by day due to which poor people are unable to maintain their family, so they let all their family members work as laborers. In which children are also involved, so children have to work hard even if they do not want to.

(6) Corruption;- Corruption is also one of the reasons for child labor, only then their owners at big hotels and factories put their children on wages without any fear. Plays an important role.

(7) Unemployment;- Unemployment is a major problem in India, due to which many poor people are unable to meet even the living necessities of their families, they force their children to work in labor. They think that if a little bit of money comes into the house Then he will be able to eat time.

(8) Lack of proper rule of law;- The Government of India has enacted laws to stop child labor, but there are many flaws in those laws, people take child labor by taking advantage of this and many times the law is not followed even in a rule.

Side effects of child labour

(1) Childhood is ruined;The best moment of life is childhood, when we are children, I am not worried about anything, we play with toys and everybody loves us and we can read whatever we want. Huh

But the children who are put into child labor work, they never play and are not able to do the work they want. Due to which his entire childhood is spent working in Mussoorie.

(2) Malnutrition;- Children who are child laborers often become malnourished because their owners make them work more but they do not give them anything to eat, due to which their body lacks energy even more slowly. Slowly they become victims of malnutrition.

(3) Physical abuse;- Many children and girls are also physically abused while doing child labor which is a double hit on them. According to a report, about 40% of child laborers are physically abused. It is a serious matter, but it is never taken care of, some children also die during physical abuse.

(4) Mental harassment;- Mistakes are often made by children while doing labor, mistakes are made by older people as well, but it is easy for children to get bogged, so their bosses who work for them give them mental torture.

They are called by using various types of abusive language which affects the brain of a small child. Due to this, they become very large and when they grow up, they indulge in wrong deeds.

(5) Increasing poverty;- The parents of children hire their children for a few rupees in their childhood, but they do not know that if they will read, they will not get a job and they will not get a job all their life. You have to pay wages, due to which your whole life will be spent in poverty, that is why in India it is increasing day by day.

(6) Lack of economic development of the country;- Most of the children of poor families are unable to read and write, that is why they are not able to do a good job and are not able to support the development of the country, hence the country’s economic growth also slows down.

(7) Social development reduction;- Where the children are provided with wages, people use abusive language as well as their living is not good due to which the children also live with them due to their language and they’re same as they start living, their mental condition also becomes weak due to which a good society cannot develop.

Child labour prevention measures –

(1) Awareness;- If child labor is to be stopped, then we have to make people aware because until this awareness comes in people, children should not get wages and whatever children are doing wages. We should complain to their owners.

He is basically a victim of child labor. Therefore, people will continue to do similar child labor until they become aware of it.

(2) Proper education system;- The education system of our country is still not improving due to which children of rural areas and separated areas are still unable to study, due to which they fall victim to child labor in their childhood, so we get proper education Arrangements should be made available at all places and there should be free education for young children.

(3) Proper law and order;- Due to poor law and order situation in our country, people take advantage of it and make gifts like child labor. We have to strengthen our law and order and only then we will deal with grave problems like child labor.

(4) Prevention of Corruption;- Due to corruption, the criminals who do child labor are easily released or they are not arrested, due to which young children have to pay wages, so we should curb corruption.

(5) Need for good and generous people;- There are many good people in our society but there is a need for more good people who can afford the education of at least one poor child because unless we are responsible for our society Until then nothing can happen because all the government cannot do everything, so we should help in writing the education of poor children in future.

Conclusion of child labour 

Child labour has become a curse for our India and our society, if it is not abolished soon, it will be an impediment to the progress of our country. I will meet while working hard, which will spoil the future of our country.

Therefore, we should raise our voice against Child Labour today and wherever we find a child doing child labor, we should complain about it at the nearest police station.

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