How to Write a Research Paper introduction/Discussion/Conclusion

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How to Write a Research Paper

The first thing you should keep in mind when carrying out a research project is to know how all its parts are structured.

In addition, as it is a job of great importance, it is vital that all students know how to carry it out successfully.

In this sense, when you carry out a research project you have to think very carefully about the topic you want to work on and try to make it a topic that you like.

From this topic, you must raise a problem or a hypothesis, on which the investigation will be based.

Once you have defined the topic to work on, you must start searching for information, for which it is recommended to use the internet library.

It should be noted that this research must be detailed and must be based on information supported by other researchers or professionals.

When starting to work on the research paper, one of the most relevant aspects is that you know how to write a research paper, since this is a factor of great importance in the evaluation. Also, you must follow the structure defined for these works.

  • Introduction
  • Developing
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Annexes

What are the steps to do an investigation?

Now that you are clear about the structure and what the research is about, surely you are wondering how to start doing a research project. Well, I will give you a list with a series of steps that are necessary to correctly carry out an investigation.

  • Identify a problem.
  • Select a theme,
  • Find information about other investigations.
  • Establish a work plan.
  • Write the content of the investigation.
  • Write the conclusions.

How to write a research paper?

One of the longest and most tedious processes of an investigation is writing the content. This is probably the stage that consumes the research work.

In addition, it is common for questions to arise: How is a justification written in a research paper? How to write the conclusions of communication work? among others.

Now, to learn how to write a research paper correctly, it is necessary for the student to learn and apply three basic rules in scientific writing that are precision, clarity, and brevity.

Also, the information that must go in the work must be ordered according to the order of importance and all the authors and institutions where the research was carried out must be identified.

It is important that the researcher investigate different scientific terminologies and writing methods. In this way, she will be able to correctly and efficiently develop the writing of a research paper.

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How to write an introduction to a research paper?

The introduction is one of the most important parts of any written work. Well, this is the description of the project, which is outlined in a summarized way and the one that will determine the reader’s attitude from there.

On the other hand, this is one of the parts where students tend to get stuck when starting to write. Therefore, it is important to be clear about each of the parts that make up a good introduction.

  • Parts of the introduction
  • Background to the topic to place the reader in the context
  • Problem Statement
  • Objectives and purpose of the project
  • Summary of the project structure

These are some of the fundamental parts of an introduction. In addition, try to provide concise information on a topic and develop it in a simple way.

How to write background in a research paper?

Any research or scientific project that matters as part of the theoretical framework must have a background. Well, thanks to them, the findings prior to the problem or hypothesis you are investigating are understood.

Therefore, they are very useful to carry out research work. Of course, these can vary depending on the demands of the teacher, not only are they usually 5 national and international backgrounds for research.

Now, the background must be present throughout the entire theoretical framework, specifically in the background section of the investigation.

It is important to clarify that these should not be in a list format, but rather be part of a coherent wording where they are integrated.

Therefore, the fundamentals to learn how to write an integration paper must comply with the following aspects:

  • Name of the job
  • Author or authors
  • Date
  • Research objectives
  • Summary of the problem raised
  • The methodology used in the development of the work
  • Most relevant results and conclusions

How to write discussions in the research paper?

The discussion of results is one of the fundamental parts of a research paper or scientific report. This is responsible for describing the meaning of the findings obtained through research.

Also, when writing discussions the author should be able to compare previous posts and emphasize new ones. That is, if any hypothesis is raised, his argument must be verified with the information collected.

Now, if you are looking for how to write a research paper, it is essential that you learn how to write each of its sections. For example, when writing discussions, the author must pose different questions. Are you interested in knowing which ones? Keep reading!

Questions for conducting a discussion of results

Next, I will leave you a list with some general questions that you can adapt to your research, the purpose of this is a general discussion in a research paper. Therefore, these are key questions that you must take into account when learning how to write a research paper.

  • How effective is the implemented method?
  • What is the authenticity of the result?
  • How can the results be presented in another context?
  • How do the results support or undermine a hypothesis?

These are some questions that you can ask yourself when learning how to write a research paper. Of course, these can vary and adapt to the work or scientific project you are doing.


How to write the conclusion of a research paper?

Like the introduction, many students often draw a blank when starting to work on the conclusion of their research paper.

Therefore, to write it correctly it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects that follow an order.

For this reason, we want to give you some tips so that you learn how to write a research paper correctly.

  • Review the complete work
  • Write the key points of the work
  • explore new possibilities
  • Avoid redundant writing
  • Do not show new non-work information
  • Don’t make it too long

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