Speech in English : Speech on Human Rights Day in English

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Here we are providing speeches on Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on 10 December to protect and protect the rights of the common people. We are sharing a speech on Human Rights Day which will surely help you to grab the attention of the listeners.

Speech on Human Rights Day

Long and Short Speech on Human Rights Day in English

Hello, Welcome all of you to the 7th annual celebration of Human Rights Day.

Our organization was established 6 years ago to protect the rights of common people and with the aim of supporting the poor and helpless people. I would like to brief the new member of my organization about Human Rights Day.

Human Rights Day was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 1948. Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on 10th December by the international community.

The day is typically marked by high-level political conferences and meetings, as well as cultural events and exhibitions that deal with human rights issues.

Our organizations deal with all such issues on their behalf in different states of the country and provide advice related to the protection of human rights.

Like every year, this year also we will work on one subject and this year’s subject is ”right to education”. This right is related to the right to free and compulsory primary education for all.

Our aim is that the people of the country should be given their rights. It is the birthright of every citizen of the country to take education.

No one can take us away from education, we have the right to education. But it is very sad that the education we are talking about today is not reaching the people, which they are entitled to.

Today, there are poor and helpless people in our society! who keep their children away from education due to lack of money. Education is the right of all and it is very important for people living in rural areas to understand the value of education. 

Inside our country, people still have the same mindset that they say what the girl will do after studying. Parents also understand that it is not necessary to teach a girl because, in the end, they have to take care of the house.

It is wrong to think that because they do not know that education strengthens girls and helps them make better decisions as well as manage the house.

Education also gives women mental and intellectual strength to fight the evil practices prevalent in our society like dowry torture, domestic violence, and atrocities against women.

I am proud that our NGO has transformed around 200 such villages into more awakened places. With the help of donations received, we have opened primary, secondary as well as higher secondary schools in about 90 villages so far and the work to build schools in the remaining 22 villages is in progress.

Our organization is receiving huge support and appreciation from the youth. There are many youngsters who give free education in these schools spontaneously and I would definitely say that this is a good start.

Today all of us have spread awareness about education in the village and rural areas with our hard work and the state government have played an important role in this work. The state government has promised to give financial support to our organization to open schools in more villages.

I am thankful to the government that they are fulfilling what they promised and supporting us in good works. We should not forget that educating people is a great job.

Whenever I see girls going to school I feel so happy, and it is very gratifying to see him talking positively about his future.

I have no doubt that their parents would be happy to see such a change. Because now they know that there is no difference between boys and girls and education is everyone’s right.

Our organization is going to take more villages in its goal in the coming years and if you also want to be a part of our organization and make education available in every region of the country, then you can become a part of our organization. If you have any questions you can call me.

Now I am going to conclude my speech, thank you all for being here and making this seminar a success.

~Thank You~

Human Rights Day Speech 

Hello my dear friends, I welcome all of you to this special seminar organized on Human Rights Day!

How many times do we all say that women are treated differently from men, most of the women are unsafe in the society, how many population women are uneducated, white and black people should not differentiate, etc. What does all this mean?

This means that we all human beings want men and women to be treated equally. We want social security for women and everyone else, we want everyone to be educated and we don’t want to discriminate.

We all want to do this. As mentioned earlier and there are many more rights that we want.

These human rights have been determined after many efforts and discussions for human beings to fulfill their basic needs.

Human rights are those rights that are necessary for the dignified and civilized life of human beings as well as human existence and adequate development of human personality.

Human rights are essential for the development of the human personality of the society where he lives.

I am sure some of the audience presents here are not fully aware of the 30 Human Rights Universally Declared by the United Nations in 1948.

30 specific human rights were declared for the protection of human beings and they are well-being. 10th December is officially celebrated as Human Rights Day.

Every human right must be exercised and complied with. We all have a responsibility to spread the message of these rights among all the people.

The most important of all rights to me is the right to education. For me, getting an education is everyone’s birthright. There are many benefits of getting an education.

One who is educated also has the power to change his life and the lives of others. The right to education is of paramount importance.

We all should be well aware of these rights. A lot of effort has been made in many decades to list down and propose these rights. At present, important steps exist to protect these human rights.

We all must understand that human rights are those rights that are fundamental for human life and for normal human existence. It is very important for the government of every country to protect and uphold the human rights of the citizens. This is their fundamental duty.

We all should take advantage of our rights and do dedicated work to create awareness among the population about these rights. Each of the 30 listed human rights is essential for our well-being and survival in society.

I request all of you to please share the message with your near relative and loved ones to spread the existence of these rights.

Now I am going to conclude my speech, thank you all for being here and making this seminar a success.

~Thank You~


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