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Wonders of Science Essay for Students | 500 words

Wonders of Science Essay

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“No doubt science cannot admit of compromises, and can only bring out the complete truth. Hence there must be controversy, and the strife may be, and sometimes must be, sharp. But must it even then be personal? Does it help science to attack the man as well as the statement? ” ( RUDOLF VIRCHOW )

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction
  • Scientific Inventions
  • Means of Transport and Communications
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Information Technology
  • Disadvantages of science
  • How to minimize the disadvantages of science
  • Conclusion

wonders of science



The word ‘science’ literally means special knowledge and today everybody knows the wonders of science in the world. Humans since ancient times has been setting the steps of development by making new inventions. today we The era in which you are living in the age of science. Of science in every sphere of life. The impact of achievements can be seen. Various inventions of science made human life very pleasurable.

Scientific Inventions 

Today in all the countries of the world, there is a competition to move forward in the field of industrialization.
In this competition without various scientific discoveries and technological inventions Victory cannot be found.

At present, there is no area of ​​life where science has not reached – food, clothing, houses, shops and even in the sky
Science is dominated by itself. Food making equipment, synthetic clothing, building construction, engineering, computer, and space satellites are all science.

Today you can watch events at home and abroad from home, watch the news, listen to music. The invention of electricity turns darkness into light and make your house air-conditioned.

Means of Transport and Communications 

Science has reduced the length of long distances. The distance of thousands of kilometers from vehicles is covered in a very short time. The use of trains, airplanes, ships, etc., made our journey has been made easy. The metro rail in cities has eliminated the traffic problem.

Medicines and Surgery 

Man has made unprecedented progress in the field of medical science. Today man has also conquered incurable diseases. It is possible to treat diseases like smallpox, TB, polio, etc. The Polio eradication campaign is going on.
Research on cancer and AIDS continues. These diseases will disappear in the near future. Today science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf, lame to the feet. Even plastic surgery can improve the appearance of organs.

Information Technology

The new technology of information and technology has made our daily life extremely convenient. Techniques such as computers, the internet, mobile phone, fax, e-mail, chatting, surfing, etc. have done the job of transmitting all the information to us.

This has made the life of human beings very simple and dynamic in addition to government work.

The use of computers has shown charisma in the areas of data collection, analysis, reservation, latest information, publication, etc.

It’s all a result of the grace of science.

Disadvantages of science

Today science has done a lot in human’s fist but with this fist, a lot is going on slipping like sand.

This is why science has become a blessing as well as a curse.

Science is like a double-edged sword. While a man is using science in his own interest, on the other hand, he is also bent on the destruction of mankind by producing terrible weapons.

These scientists have created molecules.

During World War II, the US had created a lot of ruin by using nuclear bombs on Japan, the consequences of which people there are still suffering. Today scientists have made such deadly chemical weapons that the world can be destroyed in a few minutes.

How to minimize the disadvantages of science

But this is possible only when spiritual vision is developed in human beings, awakening the spirit of human welfare.

Science has to be cremated with morality only then science will be able to escape the stigma of being called a curse.

There is a fear of science somewhere that it becomes dangerous for him.



Science is really a sword by which a person can also self-protect and cut his limbs in stupidity. The fault lies not with the sword but its user.

Science has opened up the path of unlimited development in front of human beings, by which the human can completely eliminate unemployment, Starvation, epidemic, etc from the world and can lead the world towards pre-prosperity and prosperity.


”I strongly believe that fundamental science cannot be driven by instructional, industrial, and government or military pressures. This was the reason why I decided, as far as possible, not to accept money from the government”. ( C. V. RAMAN )


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