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500+ Words Essay on Newspaper.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction
  • History of newspaper
  • Importance of Newspaper
  • Types of Newspapers
  • Conclusion


essay on newspaper

The news of the foreign country which regularly reaches us daily is called the newspaper. The newspaper only gives information about each day’s events in the country or abroad. The views of the leaders of our country about their activities etc. are also revealed in the newspaper.

What happened yesterday in other countries of the world, what is happening today or what is going to happen, only the newspaper tells us about these things at the least cost. Newspapers are a very powerful medium for dissemination and dissemination of information and knowledge.

History of newspaper

People say that the newspaper was born in China because the printing work first started, but some consider Italy’s city of Rome as the birthplace of the newspaper. About 400 years ago, the world’s first newspaper was published from the Italian city of Venus.

By the 17th century, it had gained considerable publicity in Europe.The publication of the newspaper started by the British in India in the 18th century. Initially, it may have been late, but there was a flood of newspapers all over India. Now thousands of daily and weekly newspapers have started appearing in our country and the number of their readers and customers is increasing day by day.

Newspapers have started appearing in almost all the languages of the country. Most newspapers are printed in Hindi. Weekly newspapers are also being published in Hindi.

Importance of Newspaper

A newspaper is a powerful medium through which no one can remain untouched. Even big leaders get scared of it. Newspapers do not only deliver news to us from abroad, they are covered in our hearts and minds. The strength of the newspaper can be gauged from the fact that it overthrows powerful governments and forces its ministers to relinquish the chair.

It inspires the public to make a revolution. It is helpful in establishing a good government. Informs his readers of many new things, educates them, and helps them to overcome their troubles too.  Helps in increasing business. Industrialists advertise their products in newspapers and increase their sales.

The newspaper also increases the student’s store of knowledge. Now people have got such a habit that people cannot even live without a newspaper, they wake up in the morning, they want a newspaper. It is very important to have a newspaper along with morning tea, otherwise, tea is no fun.

Types of Newspapers

There are many types of newspapers – Daily, weekly and monthly, etc. But among them, the daily newspaper is the most widely promoted and its readers are also more. The cost of daily newspapers is also low so that people of all categories can easily buy and read.

In addition to news etc. in the weekly and monthly papers, there are various articles related to science arts and social problems. They not only entertain us but also increase our knowledge. 


Due to such influential newspapers, the responsibility of their editors has also increased considerably. They have to run the newspaper considering the interest of society and the country. They have to choose the news with great thought and also have to be cautious in the views expressed in the articles published. There has been a good development of newspapers in India. Their future is very bright and pleasant in our country.


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