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An Essay on Discipline

700+ Words An Essay on Discipline.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction
  • Meaning of Discipline
  • Importance of Discipline
  • Student and Discipline
  • Discipline Education
  • Benefits of Discipline
  • Indiscipline a Curse
  • Conclusion


an essay on discipline

It is very important for everyone to live the right way or to live a happy life and it is possible only when we maintain discipline in it, the meaning of the word discipline. Following the rule, discipline means complete freedom, which is never called tantra, but walking according to time, circumstance and location are called discipline, a discipline where the person makes life simple and correct, it can also be the basis of his life. In a way, discipline is very important for human life, it is necessary and regular for a person to follow it.

Meaning of Discipline

Discipline is synonymous with the English word Discipline which is derived from the word “Discipal” which means disciple, the disciple is expected to follow the command.

Importance of Discipline

Discipline has special importance in life. All nature is formed in discipline, so there is no hindrance in any of its activities. It comes regularly day and night. It is clear that only life can be made meaningful by discipline. When a person deviates from the person, he becomes characterless, misdemeanor, and malicious, he has no respect in society. Discipline means to do any work while being disciplined, success is achieved only when the person is disciplined.

Student and Discipline

The life of the student is the cornerstone of the future life of the human being. The student stays in discipline and takes health, education, behavior, and conduct. The regular study, going to school, exercising, honoring the gurus, walking according to what they say is good with all. He gets to learn all this in his student life and in a way, he can say that it is the duty of the student to teach and follow the discipline.

Discipline Education

The first contact of any child is with the parents, in addition to other forms of education, they also get discipline education from the family itself, after that the school then learns discipline education from the Braha society, the first lesson of education. So one learns from his home and this discipline is done with fear and with the right direction, the responsibility of rituals is found in the discipline. With these rituals, discipline comes in the person, fighting, terror, if it thrives in the house There is education outside which dominates it, so the discipline of education of the sacrament is the gift of our family.

Benefits of Discipline

Discipline has many benefits in our life. Discipline not only benefits our life in every field but also brings respect, study, behavior, sports, exercise, governance, etc. are tools of self-discipline. By that we can make our body and mind healthy Can be kept by discipline, one attains high ideals. Discipline only provides knowledge. Knowledge is communicated only through the pure mind and intellect. And there is an important contribution of discipline in this.

Indiscipline a Curse

Failure in the life of a person who is inferior to discipline laziness, defeat surrounds it all. Discipline destroys an unpleasant person in society as well. Unfortunately, indiscipline is on the rise today. School, college, office have been taken everywhere by indiscipline, due to which fighting, fighting, stealing, things are flourishing, such as dangerous work like ragging, which is only by indiscipline. Due to this, no matter how many children give up their lives, control in religion and society is ending, officers, employees, self-discipline are being lost from the administration.


Without discipline, there is no work of human life. Student life, which has its axis, discipline makes the future of the students happy. Discipline is the key to success in which the store of knowledge is contained and it is our responsibility to maintain it. Discipline is the same. Anushasan is like good books and good people which if adopted, then life is just an ocean of success, which, if used drop by drop, never takes the name of ending.

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