Essay on Water Pollution for Students | 700 Words

Essay on Water Pollution

700+ Words Essay on Water Pollution

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction.
  • Water-Revolution.
  • Organized Activities of Water Precautions.
  • What is water pollution?
  • Precautions to Reduce Water Pollution.
  • Conclusion.

“Water is contaminated due to unwanted external substances from natural or other sources and toxic and normal levels of oxygen become harmful to the organisms and help in spreading infectious diseases.”  ( World Health Organization )


essay on water pollution

Water is the most important element of our life, our life depends on it only. Our body can live on its own for at least 5 to 10 days if it is not eating, but it is not possible to live without water. Our body contains 70% water and now you can say with so much truth. Water is a hundred percent clean and fresh, probably cannot say that due to which humans are aching from various disorders, if our drinking water is clean then we will also be healthy because we should get clean water along with food so that we stay healthy.

The water revolution campaign is also being run under the precautions to remove water pollution, which is as follows.


The Water Revolution Campaign has been implemented across the country on 5 June 2015 and its main objective is as follows.

(1) Strengthening of land participation of Panchayati raj Institutions, local bodies including all the Panchayats in the water security and development schema.
(2) To encourage the use of traditional information for conservation and control of water resources.
(3) Use of field level features from various levels in government NGOs and citizens.
(4) To promote livelihood security in rural areas through water security.

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Organized Activities of Water Precautions

(1) Jal Gram Yojana.

(2) Develop a model command area.

(3) Pollution abatement.

(4) Public awareness program.

What is water pollution?

Water pollution is one of the major concerns of the world today. Many country governments have worked hard to find solutions to reduce this problem and water pollution is threatened by many pollutants. But the method of disposal of raw sewage through natural water flow is most common in most developed countries, especially in underdeveloped countries, but this meaning is prevalent in developed countries like China, India, and Iran. Sewage, sludge, dirt, and toxic pollutants are all dumped into the water. The problem persists despite the treatment. The sludge is transformed into sludge which is dumped into the sea. Apart from sludge, leakage of chemicals by industry and governments is the major source of water pollution.

Precautions to Reduce Water Pollution

(1) Provision of penalty for removing water pollution: – Under this, punishment has been made for violation of the provisions of water pollution, if a person does not inform the board about the flow of the same effluent in water sources or wells. If found guilty, he will be punished with imprisonment of 3 months or he has to pay a fine of ₹ 10000, under special circumstances he can be punished with both of these types of punishment. The penalty of ₹ 5000 has to be paid.

(2) Industrial institution precautions: – Many industries throw their wastes without being modified, which go into the rivers through rainwater, it is necessary to dispose of the waste properly for the pollution caused by the industrial waste. Under this, some rules have been made by law, which needs to be carefully followed, to completely destroy the waste materials or use them safely again.

(3) Disposal of toxic wastes: – It is also necessary to adopt the right method of disposal of toxic wastes. The factories which use paints, cleaning, and stain erasing chemical materials are safe from the waste and water. Disposal is very important. The oil leakage from vehicles is also a major factor of water pollution, it is also necessary to stop it, for which factories and factories use oil. Cleaning or safe disposal of bad oil is necessary.

(4) Cleaning of drains: – To prevent water pollution, drains need to be cleaned regularly. The construction of pucca drains in rural areas is necessary. Because the water drains due to the draining of the drains in the rural area. , And because of this, the polluting substances flow into the rivers and canals by water. Therefore, we should develop technologies for cleaning the drains and using the right kind of drains.

(5) Prevention of soil erosion: – It is also necessary to keep soil erosion to prevent water from getting polluted. If we do soil conservation then we can prevent water pollution to some extent, we need more to prevent soil erosion. We have to plant more trees than we have to adopt such measures which can prevent soil erosion.

(6) Reuse of water: – Recycling and reuse of water are also included to prevent water pollution. It helps in ensuring the availability of clean and freshwater. By using low-quality water in other work Can be used in washing dishes or gardening.
Purified water can be used to wash vehicles. Therefore, more emphasis should be laid on recycling and reuse of water.

(7) Cleaning of waterways and beaches: – Cleaning of rivers and ponds at regular intervals is necessary. Because man has polluted them badly. Even the groundwater is dirty. There is competition for traveling by sea and living near the beach. And because of this many people near the beach, The colonies are inhabited. And it makes the seawater completely dirty and it is a matter of serious concern, which causes seashells on the beach itself. Because of this, the seawater is dirty and many animals die immediately. Also, due to the waste of their waste, sometimes accidents of ships also happen. For this, it is necessary to keep the waterways and the sea clean, not only for the animals and also to prevent major accidents.

(8) Making the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a success: – Cleanliness has been made under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, keeping in mind that it is our own responsibility to make it successful, which is very important keeping in mind the cleanliness of the water.

(9) Adoption of organic farming: – Farmers will have to stop using various chemical fertilizers and spraying pesticides on crops for the purpose of producing tremendous crops in their fields. These chemical substances go into rivers and ponds due to rain. For those who pollute the water body, farmers need to adopt organic farming methods.

(10) No messing with nature: – Keeping this in mind, each person has to take responsibility for it, only to take a bath in human water, to pollute the water, how many creatures die due to its pollution, domestic waste It is our own responsibility to keep our nature clean and hygienic by throwing the water here and there, so we should thank our nature by adopting it and not pollute its given nature.


One way, if we cannot do anything, then by taking some precautions, do not play with our health and keep the water that is 70% in our body clean and it is necessary, but it should be 70% clean and clean so that For this, we should be free from all kinds of diseases, the first effort should be that the water which is necessary for our life should always keep it clean and to keep it clean, keeping it seriously, taking it seriously and making proper rules It is very important to do.

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