Essay on My School for Students | 700 Words

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Essay on My School

700+ Words Essay on My School

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction
  • School Structure and Design
  • Courtesy and Discipline in My School
  • Teacher’s Behavior and Teaching Method in my School
  • Sports Activities along with Studying in My School
  • Conclusion


essay on my school

Man is not born intelligent or born intelligent, by coming to this earth, he gets knowledge, and he gets this knowledge from his school.

The school plays an important role in advancing any human being in the right direction and achieving success in his life.

Realizing the importance of education and school, every parent inspires their children to go to school right from the beginning so that they can build their better future by earning knowledge.

School not only brings mental development but also the feeling of togetherness and unity is manifested in children, because school is a place where people of all religions and castes come for the attainment of knowledge and all have the same goal. And there is purpose.

At the same time, all people are treated equally in the school, there is no discrimination of any kind, and children are encouraged to move forward.

School Structure and Design

My school is situated in a quiet place in the city, surrounded by green trees and plants and it is far away from the pollution and noise of the city, allowing us to study in a peaceful and bright environment.

My school is about one and a half kilometers from my house. Our school has about 60 rooms, each class is divided into 2–2 sections. There are about 2 thousand children studying in my school.

The school also has a playground, a garden, and a canteen. Where we spend our free time with our friends. Aside from this, rhythms have also been invented for primary class kids in my school, so that they can recreate themselves along with their studies.

Aside from this, there are computer labs, chemistry labs, and physics labs in which various types of exercises are shown to children. Apart from this, there is further a large amphitheater, in which many various types of programs are made from time to time.

Courtesy and Discipline in My School

My school pays special attention to discipline. First of all, we go to school and bow to our teacher and take his blessing by touching his feet and sings the national anthem, then starts his studies.

Apart from this, a dress has been fixed in our school to keep all our children under discipline, in addition, there is a special emphasis on the school about the cleanliness of our dress. My school is very strict about discipline.

Teacher’s Behavior and Teaching Method in my School

All the teachers in my school give knowledge about every subject in a very productive and easy way. His way of teaching is very different so that even the most difficult questions are very easily understood.

My school teachers manage children very gently and encourage them to solve every small and big puzzle.

Aside from this, the principal of my school is also very good, he knows the problem of every child and describes it with love. I love all the teachers at my school.

Sports Activities along with Studying in My School

In enhancement to studies in my school, sports exercises are also made from time to time. Along with this, the value of sportsmanship is also told.

And all the children of the school are asked to participate in the sports competition, to prove themselves in this field.

Along with this, students who perform well are also rewarded, so that their morale can be increased and their physical and mental development can be done. At the same time, the way education is required, in the same way, sports are equally important in human life.


We all students should understand the importance of school and respect our gurus. Along with this, one should always be ready to protect the school.

Follow the orders of your mentors and contribute while maintaining sanitation and discipline in school. The way of our knowledge is easy from the school itself and we can obtain success in our life.

Hence we should have a positive feeling towards our school and go to school genuinely and appreciate everyone in the school.

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