Application for leave : Write a leave application to principal

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Application for leave on certain occasions, we write letters to our friends, relatives, and parents. While writing letters, the following points are to be kept in mind.

How to write an application to the Principal requesting her to grant leave for your absence.


Format of An Application

____________________ ( Date )

The Principal




Sir / Madam

( Salutation )

( The body of the application ) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thanking You

Yours obediently

 (CBSE / NCERT New Format 2022 – 23)

Sender Address (Don’t use more than 3 lines)

Date (Current date)

Receivers Address –
(Principal/ Teacher/HOD) (School Name) (School Address)


The Salutation;- The salutation is placed on the left side of the application just below the addressee.
The Body;- The body is the main part of the application. It is divided into paragraphs according to the subject matter. It includes the reason for writing the application.

The Subscription;- Just below the body of the letter the subscription is written. It is a
courteous leave-taking before the letter is ended. It should be according to the salutation.
The Signature;- Below the subscription, the writer should put his/her signature/name.

EXAMPLE – ( Application Writing )

28 July 20_


Doon Public School



Subject;-  Application for leave of absence.

Respected Ma`am

With due respect, I beg to say that I was suffering from fever. So, I could not come to school for the last five days.

Therefore I request you to be kind enough to grant me leave for those days and oblige.

Thanking You


Yours obediently

Haaris Hassan

Class- VI

application for leave


FAQs on Application for leave in school

Q.1 What is an Application?

A.1 A formal written request to authority is called an application.

Practice Time 

Q.1 Write an application to your principal for leave due to sickness.

Q.2 Write an application to your principal to arrange extra classes for 10 days.

Q.3 Write an application to your principal requesting him/her to grant you leave for three days to attend the marriage ceremony of your aunt.

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