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Essay on Holi

700+ Words Essay on Holi.

Outlines of the Essay –

  • Introduction.
  • History of Holi.
  • When is Holi Celebrated?
  • How is Holi Celebrated?
  • Famous Holi of India.
  • Currently the form of Holi.
  • Conclusion. 


essay on holi
Holi essay in English

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India is a country of festivals, so we all celebrate every day as festivals, India has a large population of people who believe in Hinduism, so many festivals are celebrated here. Holi festival is also one of the festivals, but this festival holds its own identity.

It is believed that the festival of Holi has been celebrated thousands of years ago. The festival of Holi is also mentioned in Krishna’s Rasleela. Lord Krishna also loved the festival of Holi. The festival of Holi is celebrated as a symbol of the victory of good over evil and is also a symbol of fun.

History of Holi

The festival of Holi is found in old texts, which also shows that the festival of Holi is very big. There is a very good and famous story about celebrating this festival.

According to the old story, there used to be an enormous demon named Hiranyakashipu, who for years had difficulty pleasing Lord Brahma, after which Brahma Ji asked Hiranyakashyapa to ask for a boon, then Vinay Kashyapa asked for a boon which he did not Should have given From that day on, neither God nor man nor any animal nor any kind of weapon could kill him.

After getting this boon to Hiranyakashyap, he got proud and started thinking that he is the giver of this creation and he is the greatest God. He started behaving ruthlessly towards his subjects.

He considered Lord Vishnu as his greatest enemy, so he asked his subjects not to worship Lord Vishnu. Some people started praising him out of fear.

With the passage of time, Hiranyakashyap had a son named Prahlad. Prahlada was a devotee of Lord Vishnu since childhood, he used to praise in the evening. As soon as Hiranyakashyap came to know that his son was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, he tried to convince his son but one of his father listened to Prahlada.

Hiranyakashyap was very angry with this and called his sister Holika and asked to kill her own son. Holika had the boon that she could not light any kind of fire, so she supported her brother and sat with Prahlada in the funeral pyre.

Prahlada got scared after seeing this and started worshiping Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu had such an understanding. Prahlada did not even get a scratch and Holika burnt to ashes. After this, the festival of Holi began to be celebrated.

When is Holi Celebrated?

The festival of Holi is celebrated every year in the month of March, according to the Hindu calendar this festival is celebrated in the month of Phalgun.

How is Holi celebrated?

The festival of Holi is celebrated with much fanfare in India as well as in countries like Nepal, America, Australia, Bhutan, Canada, Pakistan, preparations for the festival of Holi to begin several days in advance. From months ago, houses have been decorated with a variety of colorful colors.

People buy new clothes and lots of sweets to celebrate Holi. On the day of Holi, a place is identified where Holi is lit, where people gather sticks and dung throughout the day and turn it into a big pile by evening. In the middle of this pile, wood is placed as a symbol of Prahlad.

Holi is worshiped by women in the evening, water is offered from lotus. After this, the Holika is lit to see the auspicious time, as the flames begin to spread, the wooden symbol of Pahalada is removed and it is shown that good always conquers evil.

During Holika Dahan, some people also add sweet dishes to it, everyone places things in Holika Dahan as per their practice.

According to mythological beliefs, Holi smoke produces a good crop. After Holika Dahan, everyone paints color to each other and distributes a lot of sweets.

Famous Holi of India 

There are some places in our India where a different form of Holi is seen. Some of the places where everyone wants to come are as follows.

Holi of Vrindavan

People here play Holi with flowers due to the colors, all the people shower colorful flowers on each other. Lord Krishna also used to play Holi here and Vrindavan is also his city, hence there is enthusiasm and growth in the people.

To see the Holi here, many tourists come from abroad, who come here and enjoy Holi with great pomp.

Barsane Holi

This is the birthplace of Mata Radha, where Lord Krishna used to come to Nanda village to play Holi with his friends in Barsane. In the same way even today people play Holi in Naras village of Barsane. Holi is prominent here because the women here beat men with wooden poles.

It is very beautiful to see, hence the Holi here is also called Lathmar Holi. Some similar Holi is also played in Haryana state where sister-in-law lathi rains. Nobody feels sad because men have shields to defend.

Holi of Rajasthan 

Holi of Rajasthan is famous in our country as well as abroad because the famous songs of mythological Holi are sung in the months before the festival of Holi to the rhythm of Dhap and Chang. Here people gather in the neighborhood and dance and sing throughout the night.

Currently the form of Holi 

Presently the form of Holi is changing because young people are not getting its importance and are viewing this as a festival of intoxication instead of this amicable festival.

Nowadays young people are sitting with various forms of intoxication on the day of Holi, some people also suffer serious damage but they do not care about it.

On this day, fighting has become common in the youth. Instead of forgetting the enmity of the festival of Holi, people are now increasing their enmity. Nowadays, young people use cow dung water and hard colors instead of color, which embarrasses the beauty of Holi.

All these things are spoiling the image of the Holi festival. We have to make people aware.


The festival of Holi is granted a symbol of the victory of good over evil. Learning from this festival, we should also abandon our evils and adopt good. In this festival, one gets to learn that we should never have pride because the ego shuts down our power of thinking.

We should celebrate the Holi festival with a great ceremony with our family and friends.

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