Essay on Apj Abdul Kalam | 700+ Words Essay

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Essay on Apj Abdul Kalam

700+ Words Essay on Apj Abdul Kalam.

“Success is when your Signature changes to Autograph.”

APJ Abdul Kalam

Of course, Dr. Kalam made this statement in his personal life. He shone like the sun, burning like the sun and illuminated this country with his personality and gratitude and got away. Raised in a simple background, Kalam, despite being two-four from all shortcomings, not only became a successful and great scientist but also rose to the highest rank in the country, battling adversity. He never became weak nor panicked in the face of life’s difficulties.
How practical and high his philosophy of life was, this is revealed by his statement – “A human being needs difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.” In true sense, he was a great national leader.

essay on apj abdul kalam

Dr. Kalam traveled from floor to sky. This extraordinary talent was born into a poor Tamil Muslim family on 15 October 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu province, India. At birth, hardly anyone has thought that this little boy will take India as a nation builder later. Kalam’s father Jainal Abidin was a fisherman by profession and was a pious man.

His mother Ashiyamma was a usual housewife and a kind and pious woman. The parents named their youngest son Abul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. Lack of life was linked to Kalam’s early life. Had a joint family and limited sources of income. Kalam’s father used to hire boats to fishermen. The family used to maintain the income from it. Despite the calamity, the parents gave good rites to Kalam. His father had a great influence on Kalam’s life. Even though he was not educated, but his customs were very useful for Kalam.

At the age of five, he started his elementary education from Panchayat Primary School in Rameswaram. It was here that he got a noble lesson from his teacher Iyadrai Solomon. “To achieve success and favorable results in life, one must fully understand and establish dominance over these three powers rather than intense desire, faith, and more.” Little Kalam assimilated this lesson and started the journey ahead. His teachers were very impressed with the talent he introduced during elementary education. During the early education itself, when there was a lack of meaning, he worked to distribute newspapers to continue his studies and to support the family’s income. After his early education, Kalam completed high school from a school in Ramanathapuram.

He had a keen interest in science from the beginning. In the year 1950, he joined St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirapalli, and received his BSc degree from there. On the advice of his teachers, he moved to Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai for postgraduate education. It was there that he chose aeronautical engineering to shape his dreams.

Kalam started his golden journey in science as a budding young scientist after completing his training from the ‘Madras Institute of Technology’. In the year 1958, he started his first job at the Civil Aviation Technical Center in Bangalore, where he showed his unique talent and designed a supersonic anti-aircraft aircraft. A turning point in Kalam’s life came when the year 1962 was an opportunity to join the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). His work was also highly appreciated here. At ISRO, Kalam started work on the Hobarcraft project. He was deeply involved with many satellite launch projects. He was instrumental in the construction of India’s first indigenous satellite launch vehicle ‘SLV-3’ as Project Director. In the year 1980, he played a central role in setting the ‘Rohini satellite’ near the Earth’s orbit, and with this India became a member of the International Space Club.

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In the year 1982, Kalam was appointed as the Director of India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and in the same year, the ‘Anna University’ of Madras awarded him an honorary degree of ‘Doctor of Science’. Dr. Kalam enhanced India’s strategic power by inventing missiles like ‘Agni’ and ‘Prithvi’ and became famous in the country-longitude as ‘missile man’. His scientific achievements not only made the country strong but also increased the honor and pride of India at the world level. In 1998, Dr. Kalam, as Scientific Advisor to former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, did another rare feat. India conducted its second successful nuclear test in Pokhran under the able leadership of Dr. Kalam, whose echo was heard all over the world. After this, India joined the list of nations with nuclear power.

While Dr. Kalam enhanced India’s pride with his achievements as a scientist, his tenure as President of India was commendable. In the year 2002, Dr. Kalam was elected the 11th President of India. He was made his candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party-backed NDA constituents. He was the President of India from 25 July 2002 to 25 July 2007. Dr. Kalam ruled the hearts of Hindus as a popular President, coming out of the heavy protocol of Rashtrapati Bhavan and His Majesty. As President, he not only provided inspiration to the entire country but set the example of a high-ranking national hero.

As President, he made every effort to change the direction of Indian politics. He was the first President who administered the oath to MPs to stick to the duty path. He not only gave the mantra to make the country a superpower but also instilled confidence in the people that India can indeed reach the pinnacle of progress.

It is difficult to find a model of the mantra he has given to inspire numerous students by roaming around the country, awakening their dreams and fulfilling them. He also showed how to do away with controversies while doing his work. Despite being a non-political person, Dr. Kalam was politically rich. On the strength of this vision, the blueprint of India’s welfare policies is amazing. His thinking was nationalistic. He was a great country friend. His dream was to make India a strong and capable nation.

In his book ‘India 2020 – A Vision for the New Millennium’, he has underlined that India will have to become a developed country and a ‘knowledge superpower’ by 2020, to become one of the world’s first four economic powers. He was in the role of a national teacher after stepping down from the presidency.

Dr. Kalam’s personality was multidimensional. He was not only a great scientist and national hero, but also a good poet, writer, and music seeker. While he created poignant poems in his lifetime, as a writer, ‘India 2020 – A Vision for the New Millennium’, Moy Journey, ‘Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India’, ‘Envisioning Unimpaired Nation: Technology for ‘Social Transformation’ etc. are his famous works. Youth and children are eager to read his biography ‘Wings of Fire’ written by Arun Tiwari. As a music seeker, he mastered the playing of Rudravina. Dr. Kalam’s life was not limited only to scientific experiments and politics, but he was also dedicated to bringing social life to a higher level. This is why he gained immense popularity.

During Dr. Kalam’s lifetime, he was awarded many awards and honors for his achievements and public service. He was awarded the titles of ‘Padma Bhushan‘ in the year 1981 and ‘Padma Vibhushan’ by the Government of India. In 1997, while he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honor of the country, in the same year he was awarded the ‘Indira Gandhi Award’ for National Integration. For his scientific achievements

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