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Essay on My family

500+ Words Essay on My Family


Family is very important in the life of any person. Her family takes care of her and always inspires her to move forward. The contribution of his family to a person’s life is very important.

The first thing a person teaches is the rituals, traditions, and values ​​at home. His home is his first school. Only his family does the job of teaching a child who is small. Family plays a very significant role in giving a good citizen to society.

essay on my family

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Hello, my name is Harris. Today I am going to tell you about my family. I am from a middle-class family. There are six members in my house, including my grandfather, grandmother, my mother, father, me, and my younger sister. Grandfather is the main member of our family, so all the members of the house obey his grandfather.

Everyone in the house respects them and also obeys all their orders. She always tells us the importance of discipline, cleanliness, values, hard work, and continuity. My grandmother is also very good. She tells us good stories at night.

My father loves discipline. He is very punctual, he does any work with complete honesty and hard work. He always teaches us that we should always value time. If today we waste time, tomorrow can waste time, that’s why we should use the time for good work.

My mother is very good and she is a housewife. My mother takes good care of every member of the family and because of that, there is a sense of happiness in the house. The mother always takes care of the health of the grandparents and also helps the poor and the needy. We have been taught since childhood that we should respect elders and help those who are in trouble.

And the youngest member in our household is my younger sister. She is the youngest and my dear one too. Such is my little family and I love my family very much.

There are many problems in our life that can be solved with the help of each other. By doing this, we also feel small problems. In this way, our life seems to be very easy. If someone falls ill in the house, then everyone takes good care of him, so that the person’s health gets well soon.

There are four-five members of any family. Mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, and sister are usually seen in the house. But they all come in small families. More people live in someone’s house. It is always seen in big houses that at least ten people live there.

There are many benefits to living in a large family. If there is any problem in the house, then everyone helps him. If someone’s health worsens at home, everyone cares for him, due to which that person’s health is cured in a very short time.

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