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Essay on Pollution

Let’s start The Essay on Pollution.


Nature has been the companion of human beings since the very first moments of creation. Humans have been consuming pleasure in the solar environment of nature.

But since the time humans have come out of the nature of nature and joined science since then various problems have started arising for them, it is true that science has Human life has been rejuvenated with unique gifts.

But it cannot be denied that science has given rise to a frightening problem like pollution.

Essay on pollution


Pollution is a problem

Pollution is not only one nation but one internationally Is a terrible problem. Pollution means the presence of an element in the atmosphere in an unbalanced amount. Pollution is the gift of science, the creation of diseases, and the premature death of systems.

Pollution is bent on making this beautiful house like hell. Pollution has first corrupted the environment.
The environment is closely related to the health and work efficiency of the world. If the environment is pure, then the mind and body of humans remain pure healthy and cheerful.

Human work efficiency remains. Nature has a special hand in making the environment sacred. The balance of nature is not disturbed that the environment is not contaminated. As the environment gets contaminated, the living world becomes diseased.


Types of Pollution

Pollution is mainly of two types – Social pollution and natural pollution.

Social pollution arises due to the corrupt thoughts of the people of the society. Religious pollution and moral pollution are the only forms of social pollution.

Natural pollution is caused by deteriorating the balance in various components of nature. For example water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, and heat pollution. Pollution whether social or natural is a matter of concern.

Cause of pollution

In India, the problem of pollution is getting formidable.
The reason for this is obvious that the population here is very high. Ten to twelve people live in a place where two or three people can live comfortably.

Due to the housing crisis, there are small houses on small plots. There are also some houses where the rays of the sun have never reached. The pure air intake is not in their destiny. The population of the cities is increasing quadrupled day and night. The migration of citizens from the villages is making the lives of the cities miserable.

As the weight of the population in cities is increasing, the fuel used in the means of transport is polluting the environment. The smoke emanating from the chimneys is destroying the purity of the atmosphere. The residential sites of the cities are becoming the hubs of commercial centers and industries. As a result, the environment is becoming increasingly corrupted.

The human burden of nature has made this problem more frightening. Trees are being cut, forests and orchards are being razed, if this sequence is not stopped in time, the results will be scared. Pollution will become an incurable disease if the plantation campaign is not carried out in a fast and protective manner.

Pollution makes a fatal attack on human life. Human beings are becoming time-consuming due to not getting pure life. Due to water pollution, a river like Ganga is being known as Gandi River. Skin diseases, abdominal diseases, pulse disorders are all the result of drinking impure water. Pollution has an effect on both the external and internal forms of human beings. The marble of the Taj Mahal in Agra in India has caused the ill effects of pollution.

How to Reduce Pollution?

After knowing various forms of pollution problems, it would be appropriate to consider remedies for its solution. If the ideas of individuals for social pollution improve, then this pollution will automatically go away.

To overcome the natural pollution, man has to balance with nature. This will be possible only when the factories are set away from the cities. Their chimneys will be kept high. More emphasis will be laid on forest conservation than forest erosion.

To prevent water pollution, factories have to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the rivers. Appropriate methods of water removal will be adopted.

Appropriate instruments will be installed in the means of transport. Which along with air pollution
There was also a reduction in noise pollution. By taking such measures, the world gets rid of leprosy of pollution
Can be freed.


In conclusion, it can be said that if science has given a problem then it has given a solution as well. Anyway, this problem is more scientific less humanized. It is our duty now to use those solutions carefully.

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