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Inspirational Speech For Study In English

Hello, everyone. Thank you for having me. My name is ______ _______, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _______.

The only thing between you and your dream is a nonsense and false story that you keep telling yourself, to console yourself why you can’t fulfill your dream.

Really, if you want to achieve something, then on all these nonsense excuses like – I don’t get time, I have a lot of work, I can’t remember, laziness comes, I don’t feel like, all these nonsense things don’t matter.

How is it that you read ten chapters a day before the exam. But before that not even a chapter is read from you in a day. Does any power suddenly come inside you? How do you read the entire syllabus in one night, do you prepare?

But before that you remain completely lazy, surrounded by excuses. You do not like only the good things in the world. But while playing games, wasting hours on mobile and social media, watching movies of your favorite hero or heroine, you feel big.

The truth is that lack of mind is just an excuse that you yourself have made up to justify your future failure.

So either make your future in that field in which you feel like. And if you cannot do this, then leave all kinds of excuses and concentrate on studies. Even if you have to throw your mobile phone in the garbage can to make up your mind.

Even if you have to go to the feet of a knowledgeable person and beg to read from them, give up your sleepless nights, distance yourself from every one of your time-wasting friends, or have to retire from this world for some time.

So you have to be ready to do everything because without leaving the world without excuses you will not get the destination.

Let me tell you a fact. You can ask anyone how you would like to read. You will find thousands of tips but nothing will work for you. But whatever method you find out on your own to concentrate on studies, that will only work for you.

If someone tells you to leave all social media platforms, stop using mobile, but will you be able to do this? Is mobile the only thing that distracts your attention.. No.

First of all, it is important to understand that your attention is wandering, then the answer is that when you start enjoying everything, whatever distracts you from your studies, distracts you.

When we start getting fun without hard work, then the mind goes astray because our mind is like that. What you call your friend is actually your enemy. Because the person who takes you away from your goals from your dreams cannot be your friend, the person who takes you on the wrong path cannot be your friends.

You may not understand this thing today, but one day you will definitely understand this. But keep in mind that by the time this thing is understood, time will have run out of hand.

And then you will not get any benefit from understanding this. If you think that putting your best DP on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will hide your reality, then it is your mistake.

Because paper flowers are used only for decoration but worship is done only with real flowers, so stay away from life of show and work hard on the real thing. Don’t run away from something, use it properly. Make friends with people who do not distract you from your studies, but only talk to you about studies.

Look, you can cook food with fire and you can burn yourself too. You can also use the mobile properly or you can let yourself ruin it. It depends only on you. Always learn something new, this will increase your interest in learning.

If you make a goal of life, then only you will feel like studying. If you want, instead of playing games in your free time on your mobile, you can listen to some good audio book like – The Science Of Success, Chanakya Niti and if you want, you can listen to the biography of many people like Steve Jobs.

With this, you will be able to set a right goal for your life and then your mind will be less distracted from studies. If you do not feel like studying, then it simply means that there is no motive in your life. You are not clear about your dream and at the same time you are not serious about your life.

If you really want that your mind should be engaged in studies, then first of all decide a goal of your life. Clear this thing in your mind that what you have to do in life, what to achieve? And then make a plan to achieve it and keep this list clear in your mind that what you need to do to achieve the goal.

Surely if the name of studies comes in that list then you cannot run away from studies and neither will you feel like running away because then you will definitely understand that thing.

You must have heard that necessity makes a person get everything done whether he wants to do it or not. If you are very thirsty, then you will not say that you do not feel like lifting the glass, but you will want to drink water in any way.

Today, even if you do not feel like studying, but when there is a need and compulsion, you will have to do such things that you would not have thought of even in your dreams. But if you do not want that your need becomes your compulsion, then in future you have to plead in front of people, you have to do such things which will make you fall from your sight.

So ask yourself three questions-

  • What is your goal in life?
  • Why do you want to achieve the goal?
  • Why is it important for you to read?

If you think carefully with yourself alone, then you will get the right answer, you will get a reason to put your mind in studies.

But if you still do not get the answer, then you can without any hesitation leave your studies and write and grow up on the pieces of your parents and you can ruin your future.

So for today, if this thing has to be understood, then it would have come, then do not waste your time in unnecessary things, rather think about what you have to do.

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