Spiritual awakening – Symptoms and Stages of Spiritual awakening

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Being spiritual person, I will tell you about Spiritual Awakening and give you complete information about Spiritual Awakening Symptom.

You may have heard about spiritual awakening or about people who are spiritually awakening. In fact, mystical teachings throughout history mention an emotional and inner evolution that serves to understand the forces of the universe and empathize with creation.

But do you know what spiritual awakening entails? It is about a new existential beginning that entails a series of challenges to get away from prejudices and stereotypes and learn to see life from another point of view. If you are interested in this fascinating topic, in this article you will discover what spiritual awakening is, its symptoms and stages so that you learn to recognize the characteristics of this transformation.

In an environment dominated by consumerism, self-centeredness and posturing, it may seem absurd to speak of “spiritual awakening”. However, more and more people are facing him. Many of them resist, because they feel they don’t fit in. But experiencing, perhaps suffering, a spiritual awakening does not make you different, but special. And you are not alone.

Many things are changing in the world. We live in a time of awakening and desire to change never seen before. A large number of people become more aware of the problems and that certain practices that have been perpetuated for a long time must change.

There are many who want to take their lives into their own hands and escape from the model imposed by society; in order to really know happiness and live the life they really want to live, and not the one dictated by television, magazines, movies, social identifications and all those meaningless clichés that surround us.

Awareness of the great human and social problems we face is growing. More and more people are willing to listen to these truths and are brave enough to bring change to themselves and their families, because they know that the change that the world needs must first go through their own transformation.

People who experience this spiritual awakening see their awareness grow, their interests evolve, the meaning of life change for them, and they have new aspirations and inspirations. All this is accompanied by the desire to change themselves as a principle to change the world.

Do you recognize yourself in any of this? Have these words awakened a small flame within you? If you’ve made it this far, be brave and read on.

What is spiritual awakening

Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung describes spiritual awakening as “the return to one’s SELF” or “original Being”. Therefore, it can be defined as a rebirth to the concepts of life to learn to see what the eyes do not visualize. In other words, spiritual awakening is an internal growth that implies, among other things, the understanding of personal happiness as a concept that goes beyond money, fame and material things.

For centuries, and according to different cultures, much has been said about spiritual awakening as a life purpose or goal to find true happiness. In some religions or beliefs it is called “Nirvana”, “enlightenment”, “bliss” or simply “the awakening”.

It could be said that it is an existential beginning in which the individual takes a step back to connect with a new meaning in this world, as well as a way to rise to a higher state of consciousness that is an intrinsic part of being human.

How does spiritual awakening begin?

Contrary to popular thought, spiritual awakening does not arise only through meditation or other methods guided by specialists, since it is born through different channels.

According to each reality, it can occur spontaneously or through different stages. For example, there are those who awaken spiritually after going through personal crises, going through detoxification of substances, separations or after bringing a life into the world.

It is usually a complicated process at first, in which it is difficult to let go of old beliefs, but which is rewarded with a true personal evolution, expansion and maturation of the soul.

Symptoms of spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening can be a disconcerting thing that raises troubling questions like, “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, or “Why am I here?” Likewise, it is also accompanied by exciting elements by discovering a feeling of life never experienced before.

Next, we show you some of the symptoms or signs of spiritual awakening:

You are kinder

Kindness implies doing good actions. But before directing it towards others, it is necessary that we first develop it towards ourselves. That is, we must be able to procure good for ourselves, in order to later be able to offer it to others.

So, if you are able to accept, love and support yourself as you are, and replicate those feelings with those around you, you are experiencing a spiritual awakening without a doubt.

You feel at peace

Experienced peace usually comes when there is a path traveled in spiritual awakening, when we have already learned certain teachings. Still, everyone experiences it differently.

For example, some may feel fulfilled when they learn to accept and love themselves as they are, while others may do so when they discover that they can be happy with the little they have.

You don’t fear death

People who have not known how to live are the ones who fear death the most. That is why those who go through an emotional awakening focus on enjoying the here and now in a genuine way, letting go of the fear of something inevitable.

This does not mean that you are indifferent to her or that you seek to end your life. On the contrary, it implies understanding that death is a natural process and that this fact should not condition your experiences and learning.

You expose your true self to the world

You have removed the social mask with which you were burdened by “doing the right thing” and are now open to communicating your innermost thoughts and feelings with others without feeling guilty or ashamed.

You have lost interest in competition

You have realized that competition brings conflict and suffering, and that the only way to live in harmony with others is with a loving and compassionate attitude towards them.

You have a deep longing for meaning

You begin to understand that living a “normal” life is empty of meaning and purpose, so you try to create your own path.

You take responsibility for your destiny and actions

You have realized that there is no reason to have a victim mentality and blame others for what is going wrong in your life, which makes you act consciously to shape your destiny. You have discovered the great power that your actions have for this and you act in a way that does not negatively affect you or others.

You are drawn to readings that expand your mind

Books that simply entertain you interest you less and less, in favor of others that help you become the best version of yourself.

You acquire a more active attitude in society

Another sign of spiritual awakening is the discomfort experienced by holding your arms in the face of deplorable situations. Therefore, you not only limit yourself to showing your disagreement, but you also carry out actions that can help solve the small or large problems that surround you.

Spiritual awakening

The past and the future no longer control your life

You understand that what really matters is the present, that the past had its moment and that the future is something that does not yet exist. You live in the present moment without letting the past dominate your actions and building the future from the real now.

Physical symptoms of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening also brings with it some physical symptoms that can be worrisome at first and that you have to know how to identify early, such as:

  • Headache and dizziness.
  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Tension in the neck and lower spine.
  • You want to cry for no apparent reason.
  • Physical disorientation and momentary loss of enthusiasm.

However, the positive part is that they are temporary signs that announce the growth of the seed that will give way to spiritual evolution.

Stages of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a complex and different process for each person. Therefore, it is not possible to speak of fixed stages of this concept, but of general phases that make up a kind of energy flow. These phases are:

Feeling of unhappiness and discouragement: specialists call it the “dark night of the soul” and during this stage people feel a great inner emptiness, but they do not know what it is.

Changing perspectives: the person begins to change their point of view and way of thinking in relation to everything around them.
Search for answers and meanings: the individual begins to ask himself many deep questions and begins the spiritual awakening.

Answers and advances: the person will find practices, teachers or people who will guide him on the right path.

Deep inner work: it is a very strong work in which you will have to deal with old beliefs.

Integration and expansion: the individual will apply the lessons learned in his daily life in a conscious way and his perspective will expand.

How long does the spiritual awakening last and what happens afterwards?

In spiritual awakening, very profound changes occur within us. However, it is almost impossible to know exactly how long the process will last, since each person lives their own experience of it.

Of course, after spiritual awakening, your life will be more pleasant, complete and focused, since you will know what you really want and towards what goals to focus all your energies. Therefore, what you must do is hold on to the process, trust in your abilities and prepare for a full life.

In closing, we want to make it clear that these signs are not presented in chronological order and that you don’t have to experience them all to realize that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. In fact, by developing one of them, you will have the opportunity to experience a change for the better, which will surely drag other forms or more spiritual lifestyles.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we have no authority to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist so that he can treat your particular case.


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