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My life under construction

Spiritual stories

There are numerous times that we ask ourselves the following questions: what will happen to my future? What will be my destiny? And how can I obtain the achievements and goals that I want to obtain in my life? There are many promises of God in his Word for us and I want to share some of them with you.

The Word tells us in the book of Genesis a story well known to all and especially if you grew up in the Church, because this story was part of your Sunday school, if you keep reading I believe that God has something new for your life.

In the book of Genesis 6:14-22 God speaks to Noah and commands him to build an ark with all the details of how it should be built. God wants to give you the details for your life, but you have to have the same mindset that Noah had.

All of us can build what God has commanded us to build if we follow three biblical principles of God for our life.

The first principle to fulfill what God is going to do in our lives is Faith. Some of the details that God gave Noah to build the ark were the following; Three hundred cubits in length (450 feet long) fifty cubits in width (75 feet wide) and thirty cubits in height (45 feet high).

Think about the size of the ark and that at that time there was no Home Depot or Lowes, no power tool to carry out the work that God had commanded it to do. Noah heard the voice of God and did not complain, but he only believed.

What God has called you to do may be great for you, but just believe God and remember greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world.

Faith enables the believer to walk through a difficult circumstance and at the same time be able to see the hand of God and know that there is a solution.

The second is the principle of obedience. Perhaps it will take a lot of time and work, but you have to remember that you are in God’s time.

Noah was obedient to God’s instruction. Obedience requires that we follow God’s plan exactly as God has not given it.

Noah believed God and obeyed the instructions that God gave him. The word of God is the instruction for our lives.

The third principle is Persistence. Time will pass sooner than you expect. Noah took 120 years to build the ark he was a man of commitment and his commitment took more than the average of a lifetime today.

Focus on what God has told you to do and leave the rest to him. Do not let someone else build what God has commanded you to build, remember that it was not your idea but the creativity and the word of God in your life.

The unbelieving world today is displeasing to God but God has found favor in you. The person whom God favors really is favored.

When someone else builds what it’s your turn to do it will never be the same reward, and never as God designed it to be. Strive and be a young man who fulfills his commitment!

Follow me, I know your weaknesses

Spiritual stories

We spend a lot of time with complexes and obstacles thinking why we can’t do something to build the Kingdom of God. What is stopping the move of God in our lives? Is there hidden sin of which we have no knowledge? Books can be written with excuses as to why God is not moving in our lives.

The truth is that we have limited the movement of God in us because of negative comments and complaints directed at our lives by the people we love and esteem the most.

We have come to the conclusion that we are ordinary people, weak and without any talent to offer to today’s generation.

I am convinced that Jesus Christ was and is an expert in taking the most ordinary, weak, and simple to build the kingdom.

When Jesus Christ began to choose the disciples he did not start with the schools of the rabbis but he chose those who were by the sea.

The Word tells us in the book of Mark 1:16-17: “Walking by the Sea of ​​Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew who were casting the net into the sea, because they were fishermen. Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Every year my family and I escape to the beach. I love being by the sea with my wife and children. My son Nathan loves collecting different snails that really have no purpose because later, when I get home, I realize that they are thrown in the garbage.

I delight when I read that Jesus chose what was on the seashore to build the Kingdom of God and I think of today’s youth who feel aimless like snails on the seashore.

Jesus Christ chose Peter, he finds him by the sea, he was an ordinary man. Peter did not become a perfect man because he met Jesus. Some of his shortcomings are stated in the Bible: his faith failed when he walked on water, he cut off the ear of a soldier who wanted to take Jesus prisoner, he also denied Jesus.

When Jesus called Peter, he had to look beyond the seashore. Jesus did not make Peter a perfect man, but he did make him a man of purpose. The word tells us in Matthew 16:18: “And I also tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” Jesus takes a simple, violent and ordinary man to build his kingdom.

Jesus always looks for the ordinary, it is that it is the only way that the unsaved can believe. Peter was the leader among the disciples and one of the beloved disciples of Jesus. Peter was the first great voice of the gospel, later he wrote two of the books of the Bible.

We cannot give up, Jesus wants to do great things in our lives. Let Jesus take care of our weaknesses and shortcomings, let’s follow him!