8th September International Literacy Day 2021 [UNESCO]

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International Literacy Day 2021

International literacy day is celebrated on 8th September

Illiteracy is believed to be the root of most social problems. The progress of any country is not possible in the absence of literacy. Whether literacy plays an important role in the areas of health awareness, skill development, economic and technological development.

Realizing the importance of education, UNESCO decided on 7 November 1965 that International Literacy Day would be celebrated every year on 8 September, which was first celebrated in 1966.

It was started celebrating all over the world to bring attention to the great importance of literacy for the individual, society, and community. This day is specially celebrated to bring back attention to the rate of adult education and literacy for the international community.

International Literacy Day Celebrations

Every country is troubled by the social problem of illiteracy. In this direction, the work of making people aware is done by celebrating Literacy Day every year by the United Nations.

Literacy literally means to be educated to have alphabetical knowledge. In simple words, literacy means having the ability to read and write.

In today’s world, it is inevitable for every person to be literate. Without education any success is impossible. In today’s time, the medium of knowledge has become so much that one can study even sitting at home.

He is neither able to use his democratic rights nor can he use the facilities. Today it has become mandatory for a person to be literate. Illiteracy has become a vice.

When is World Literacy Day celebrated?

Wednesday, 8 September International Literacy Day 2021

UNESCO decided on 7th November 1965 that International Literacy Day would be celebrated every year on 8 September, which was first celebrated in 1966.

International Literacy Day will be celebrated at the national and international level on 8th September this year also in 2021. The biggest objective behind celebrating this day is that education should be promoted to all sections of society.

Why is World Literacy Day celebrated?

International Literacy Day is celebrated to know their rights for human development and society and to promote human consciousness towards literacy. Literacy is as important as food for success and survival.

It is very important to eradicate poverty, reduce child mortality, control population growth, achieve gender equality, etc. Literacy has the ability which can increase the prestige of the family and the country.

This festival is celebrated to encourage people towards achieving education continuously and to understand their responsibility towards family, society, and country.

Celebrating this day as a program is not enough. Local, civic, and national governments will also have to make positive steps and plan to increase the literacy rate. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in India is an excellent step in this direction.


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