Prayer for Ukraine – Prayer for peace in Ukraine

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Prayer for peace in Ukraine – Every Orthodox believer should read a prayer for peace in Ukraine so that the bloodshed ends. No one should be indifferent in these difficult days for the Ukrainian people.

The warring parties must necessarily agree to reconciliation. It’s a very difficult time. That’s why we all need to pray for Ukraine.

Prayer for Ukraine

Almighty God, Lord and Creator of all creation,

fill everything with Your majesty and contain with Your power.

We bow down to You, our Greatly Gifted Lord, with a contrite heart and fervent prayer for the country of Ukraine,

strife and discord torn apart.

Most Merciful and Almighty, do not be completely angry, Lord! Be merciful to us,

Your Church prays to You, representing to You the leader and perfecter of our salvation, Jesus Christ.

Strengthen by Your power the faithful people in the country of Ukraine,

enlighten the deluded eyes with Your divine light,

so that they understand Your truth,

soften their bitterness,

quench enmity and discord on the country and its peaceful people being erected,

so that everyone will know You, our Lord and Savior.

Do not turn Your face away from us,

O Lord, give us the joy of Your salvation.

Remember the mercies, which thou hast shown by our fathers,

put Your anger on mercy and give Your help to the Ukrainian people, in mourning.

We are prays to You, presenting to You the intercession of all the saints who shone in it, and more than the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, from the years of ancient times covering and interceding our country.

Warm up our hearts with the warmth of Thy grace, confirm our will in Thy will, but as of old, even now Your all-holy name, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, will be glorified forever and ever.


Prayer for peace in Ukraine

Prayer for peace in Ukraine

Heavenly Father, your Son taught us “Blessed are those peacemakers, because they will be called children of God.”

In this time of great concern, we fervently pray that your Holy Spirit will keep all of Ukraine’s people on alert and dedicated to peace and justice. Provide their leaders with wisdom and discretion.

Nonetheless, may they have the strength and tenacity to defend their land from all adversities and foreign attacks. Help all of us live according to your divine will.

O God, our Father, in the days to come, we beseech you to comfort the suffering, heal the wounded, and accept the souls of the faithful departed into Your Heavenly Kingdom.

We also ask that the Most Holy Mother of God extend her blessed mantle of protection over our Ukraine.


Prayer for peace in ukraine orthodox

Sovereign God,

We pray for the nation of Ukraine, its leaders and people.

We pray that you would make your presence known to them at this time of strife.

We pray for their protection and for an end to the Russian invasion.

We pray for the innocent, the frightened, the dispossessed, and those who have lost loved

ones, homes and family.

We pray that you would bless the endeavours of those who work for peace and an end to

this conflict.

Have mercy, we pray, on Ukraine.

May your peace rule in the hearts and minds of all.

Continue to stir up the leaders of the world to work together for the good of all.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, the

Prince of Peace.



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