Prayer for my Husband at work, Job and Workplace

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Prayer for my husband at work– It has often been seen that when the husband is at work, his wife prays for his success. The hallmark of true love is that the wife prays for the success of her husband. So, always pray for your husband at work.

You pray for your husband at work in different situations – 

👉🏻Prayer for husband at work.

👉🏻Prayer for husband to get a job
👉🏻Prayer for job interview for husband
👉🏻prayer for job promotion for my husband

When things are not going well for a spouse at work, the wife’s duty is to help him in available ways, one of which is to pray for a good job for her husband to the Higher Forces. It is important that a dear person feel the help and support not only of relatives and friends, but also of the Lord. And even if he does not believe in the possibility of providing support through prayer and opening new paths to success and prosperity, the wife’s sincere prayer for her husband about work will be heard, and help will definitely come.

However, this can only be the case if the thoughts of the person in trouble are pure and not aimed at obtaining benefits for themselves at the expense of others.

Prayer for husbands work

Prayer for my Husband at work

Lord, my heavenly Father, I ask you to help my husband find and fulfill his destiny.

Bless his work, may it bring him success and financial prosperity.

Let him get satisfaction by doing his job! Let people respect and appreciate him!

Open your heart to him, Lord, so that everything he does coincides with Your Divine plan.

Give him optimism, Lord, give him energy and strength, so that he joyfully works for the benefit of himself and the whole society.

Help him rejoice in success and appreciate what he has achieved.

May his every step and sigh be directed towards You, Lord! Bless him on his way!

Help him gain confidence and open the doors of the future for him! Protect him, Lord, from all enemies and ill-wishers!

Help him grow and improve!

Prayer for my husband at work

Lord, I pray that You bless the work of my husband (name). May it bring him not only success and financial prosperity, but also great satisfaction. If anything in his work does not coincide with Your perfect plan, reveal it to him. Show him where he is wrong and guide him on the right path.

Help (name) gain strength, learn to see the future, get rid of passivity and laziness. Let him never shy away from work out of fear, selfishness, or fear of responsibility. But also show him that he shouldn’t work too hard to please other people.

Teach (name) to rejoice in your successes, help him succeed, but free him from all coercion and pressure on the path to success.

I pray that my husband (name) will do everything with you.

Help him to gain confidence in the gifts You have given him so that he may seek, find, and do his work worthily. Open for him the doors of the future, which no man can close. Multiply his professional skills and help him improve them every year.

Show me (name) how I can be useful to my husband.

I pray that the business of my husband (name) will be permanent, interesting, pleasant for him and adequately paid. Help (name) not to bend under the pressure of circumstances, but to be strengthened in spirit and succeed.

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Prayer for my husband at work

“O blessed mother Matrono, now hear and receive us, sinners, praying to you, having learned to accept and listen to all those who suffer and mourn in all your life, with faith and hope for your intercession and the help of those who come running, quick help and miraculous healing to everyone; let your mercy not fail now to us, unworthy, restless in this many-fuss world and nowhere to find comfort and compassion in spiritual sorrows and help in bodily illnesses: heal our sicknesses, deliver us from the temptations and torment of the devil, passionately fighting, help me convey my worldly Cross, to endure all the hardships of life and not lose the image of God in it, preserve the Orthodox faith until the end of our days, have strong hope and hope in God and unfeigned love for neighbors; help us, after departing from this life, reach the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who please God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Heavenly Father, glorified in the Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. 


Blessing prayer for my husband at work

O holy saint of God, blessed Xenia!

Graciously look with your eye on us, the servant of God (names), your honest icon, tenderly praying and asking you for help and intercession. Extend your warm prayers to the Lord our God and ask our souls for forgiveness of sins. With a contrite heart, and with a humble spirit to you, we call upon you a merciful intercessor to the Lady and a prayer book for us sinners, as you have received grace from Him to pray for us and deliver us from troubles.

We ask you, do not despise us unworthy, praying to you and demanding your help, and proceed to everyone for salvation, as if by your prayers to the Lord God, having received grace and mercy, we will glorify all the good Source and Giver and One God, in the Trinity of Saints glorify.

Father and Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever and forever and ever.


Prayer for my husband at work


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